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Digital Advertising Trends in 2022

The advertising industry has collectively had quite a journey in the past two years. Brands had to navigate between the COVID-19 pandemic and tech giants’ privacy algorithm updates and so much more.

It’s 2022, and to thrive and make this year more than just “2020 too”, we’ve identified channels and trends in the digital ad space that marketers should take note of.

Advertising Channels to Consider in 2022

When it comes to digital advertising, we advise against spreading yourself too thin across way too many channels. Think about their target audiences’ customer journey from awareness to after conversion holistically. What channels do they use the most? It may differ depending on their age, interests, locations…etc., but the importance is showing up for them at the right place at the right time, with the right messaging for their needs.

For an overview of some of the most popular programmatic advertising channels we offer, check out “How to Choose the Right Advertising Channel”.

Today, we’ll share some channels you should consider trying out in 2022.


Voice Search

Connected TV



2022 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider

A Focus on Health, Wellness & Social Responsibility

Don’t Underestimate Buying Power of Gamers

Changes to Audience Targeting

Staying Flexible Amidst Privacy Changes

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