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What is Audio Advertising?

Listen up! Audio advertising is a new, growing “stream” of digital advertising that is a force to be reckoned with, and the COVID-19 pandemic is fueling the consumption of audio as it serves as on-the-go escapism.

What is Audio Advertising?

Types of Audio Ads

Audio Ads

Ad Sequencing

Skippable Ads

Examples of Audio Ads

Traditional Radio vs. Audio Ads

Benefits of Audio Advertising

High-Targeted Audience Reach

Engage Your Listeners to Take Action

Track Your Ad Spend & Be Cost-Effective

Easier to Create Than You Think

Brand Safety Guarantee

Client Testimonial

We found that audio ad’s audience reach and cost-benefits were both superior than traditional radio ads, which we had been running previously. By combining our advertising efforts on Search, Social and Display, we were able to connect with our target audience and create brand awareness in a whole new way through audio!

I love that War Room’s reports measure our campaign results effectively. In 2 months, we received almost 95,000 audio listens on Spotify! There is lots of potential in audio advertising and we are pleased with War Room being our strategic partner throughout the whole process.
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Kirsten Soder, Campbell River

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