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Why Marketers Should Consider Targeting Gamers

Gamers are an audience segment you shouldn’t underestimate.

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The Boom of the Gaming Industry

gaming console sales

A Very Underrated Audience Segment

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Gaming Platforms For Advertisement

iOS & Android Mobile Games



eSports Events

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Summing It All Up

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Before You Go...

What Have We Learned?

Gaming has become widely popular due to smartphone and tablets. 64% of Americans aged 13-65 play video games and due to COVID-19, people have had more time on their hands to game more. As a result, in-game advertising revenues grew by 59%!

Gamers are no longer a stereotype. Women make up 49% of the gamer demographic and are more likely to spend more on games. The average age for female gamers is 37 years old who are financially independent and have high purchasing power. It is an underserved market for advertisers.

Mobile games make up 50% of the gaming market’s revenue. In-app ads tend to have an effective Click Through Rate, which we recommend as a monetization strategy.

Twitch is an Amazon-owned livestream platform that has 15 million daily active users. Streamers broadcast themselves playing games, and viewers can communicate in the chatbox in real-time. Audiences are highly engaged, and it’s an excellent platform to raise brand awareness.

Youtube has a huge gaming community online. In-stream ads are a great option.

eSports is a huge phenomenon that connects people from all over the world. eSports events can have millions tune in, so it is also an advertising opportunity to explore.

Most ads for gamers will be in the form of Display or video. It’s vit