Meet Kedet

WR - Meet Kedet - Header - Square - March 13 2023

Kedet – [/kəˈdet/] – noun

  • A unified programmatic advertising platform providing access to the largest programmatic marketplace.
  • The adorable robot playing among rams in the picture above.

A Unified Programmatic Advertising Platform

Kedet consolidates market-leading advertising technologies into one unified programmatic advertising platform, giving you advanced access to the advertising market—more than any other programmatic solution.

When your spend is based on ad performance rather than hunches, you reduce wasted spend and improve your campaign results. Kedet delivers a unique, elevated view of your digital ads inventory.

Consider it your all-access pass to the digital advertising landscape.

Our consolidated omni-channel approach

Experience calm within the chaos of the ad tech ecosystem.

Connect with your customers across all devices by joining multiple demand side, measurement, and verification technologies into one unified programmatic advertising platform.

Boost Your ROI & Target the Right Audience with Kedet

Superior Inventory

Access to the highest quality ad inventory in every channel through one point.

More Reach

Engage more prospective customers through the broadest market access.

Expansive Integration

We offer the greatest availability of data segments compared to a single DSP.

Future Proof

Protect against changes in the market by leveraging multiple technologies.

Total Clarity

Achieve complete campaign and financial transparency in every campaign.

Peace of Mind

We integrate with the best verification vendors in the market, ensuring brand safety.

Price Efficiency

Although DSPs and PMPs vary, we find the best price points.

Real Time

All programmed reporting and ad buying decisions happen in milliseconds.

Precision Targeting:
Anyone, Anywhere

Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting and retargeting.

Our programmatic advertising platform combines first and third-party data, ISP, location, behaviour, context, device and keywords to find the consumers most likely to engage, click, or convert.

Fine-Tune Your Targeting: Reach the Right Audience at the Right Time


Identify specific characteristics such as age or income.

Competitor Customers

Get the inside track on your competition and target their fans and customers.

Custom Audience

Target custom audiences and lists based on traffic, engagement, & CRM data.


Divide your market based on desired behaviors.


Find new ways to engage potential customers who have already shown interest.


Use high-value customer profiles to find potential customers just like them.


Create ads based on well-defined consumer search terms.


Want to prioritize mobile users over desktop? Single them out by the devices they use most.


Serve ads to the people searching for keywords related to your service or product.


Target specific people in specific locations around the world.

1st & 3rd Party Data

We integrate with 1st and 3rd party data to get you the results you want.

Intent & Emotion

Target your audiences use of emotional words like “hangry” to pinpoint potential customers.

Human Expertise + Cutting-edge Technology = Campaign Results

We use state-of-the-art software and sophisticated algorithms to automatically adjust bids in real time—depending on who’s on the web page.

Then, our expert staff closely monitors, adjusts, and manages these systems to make the most of your efforts.

Programmatic Direct includes private auctions, preferred deals, & guaranteed deals.

Similar to Programmatic (think of it as a subset), RTB is ad buying on a per impression basis.

We love challenges.
You love results.

We combine high-touch relationships, human expertise, and programmatic ad tech to bring your digital advertising campaigns to levels no one else can. Connect with our programmatic experts today & find out how to elevate your next campaign.