SCORE Methodology

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Winners Keep Score

The learning curve in the digital ads world is steep. It’s not a finite process with clear end-point.

Rather, it’s an endless cycle of setting goals, hypothesizing and testing, leveraging opportunities, measuring against benchmarks, and then starting all over again.

One misstep and you’re out thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars.

But you don’t have to make those mistakes or learn those hard lessons…because we’ve learned them for you.

From those lessons, we’ve developed a winning methodology that will save you some sleepless nights, some wasted time, and a lot of money.

We call it…

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The Best Path Forward

Setting a successful strategy for your digital ads takes expertise. You need a team who knows how to research your best opportunities; who can think through every angle; who is willing to do the deep analysis required for optimization; who know how to set and hit goals.

We’re not ones to shy away from a challenge. Which is why we tackle your strategy head on.

Intentional Action,
Extraordinary Results

We know most strategies won’t survive initial contact with the real world. And we also know that constantly changing tactics is the fastest way to blow things up.

This dichotomy is the reason we focus on measurable results while staying flexible enough to know when and where to change tactics. It’s the best—and maybe only—way to stay competitive.

Action-based Insights

Genuine results come from careful analysis, clear reporting, and a single-minded focus on doing more of what’s working.

Success doesn’t come from hunches and feelings. It comes from data. Fortunately for you, collecting and analyzing data is what we do best.

Deepen Your Understanding

Ad buying can be a foggy business. Basic questions can be elusive. What’s a conversion? What isn’t? What motivated a particular click? Why is one ad getting a return and the other isn’t?

Clear goals and measurable results will give us the deep understanding we need to tailor and refine your ad campaigns for even better results.

Follow A Trusted Guide

We’re dedicated to thoughtfully measuring our campaign results against your expectations, your competition’s results, and industry standards.

Once we have compiled and analyzed the data from our reporting, we can explore new avenues and opportunities, taking your campaigns—and your dollars—farther than you might have imagined.

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