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The brilliant minds who conjure up captivating campaigns & turn ideas into reality.

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Advengers Assemble!

The dedicated team behind War Room

Our team has helped brands from all over the world grow their business and generate great ROI since 2009.

But don’t be fooled; we’re not just all about the booty—er, results. We find delight in every step of the journey, from planning and execution to optimizing. 

Without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the extraordinary individuals who make up our team.


Meet Mike, our innovative CEO with a relentless drive for success. When he's not leading the company, you'll find him channeling his creative side through woodworking or taking care of our foster kittens.


Meet Kirstie, our fearless Chief Revenue Officer, adventurer, & sports enthusiast. When she's not leading our team to new heights, you'll find her embracing life's thrills through dirt biking, mountain biking, skiing, fastpitch, soccer, & more.


Sr. Data Analyst
Meet Ariel, one of our Data Analysts who brings both analytical expertise and artistic flair to the team. When she's not diving deep into data, you'll find her jamming out to K-pop or capturing breathtaking moments behind the lens.


Technical Marketing Engineer
Meet Aman, our Technical Marketing Engineer and embodiment of both brains and brawn. When he's not writing programs from scratch, you can find him practicing combat sports or speaking one of his six languages.


Marketing Manager
Meet Charlene, our exceptional Marketing Manager who adds a touch of magic to all our campaigns. Charlene is our go-to Disneyland guru, ensuring all our campaigns are as enchanting as the happiest place on Earth.


Sr. Optimizations Manager
Meet Luis, one of our Senior Optimizations Managers with a playlist for every occasion. When he's not fine-tuning our processes, you can find him indulging his inner foodie, ensuring both our projects and taste buds are optimized.


Account Coordinator
Meet Meghan, one of our Account Coordinators who adds a personal touch to everything she does. When she's not taking care of her clients, you can find her keeping in touch with friends by sending snail mail around the world.


Account Manager
Meet Rorshan, one of our Account Managers who knows how to take calculated risks. When he's not finding solutions for his clients, you can find him applying his analytical skills through high-volatility investments.


Sr. Project Manager
Meet Peggy, our Senior Project Manager who guides every project with serenity. When she's not skillfully managing projects, you can find her venturing into the great outdoors for peaceful hikes or playing with her two cats and dog.


Jr. Graphic Designer
Meet Serena, our Junior Graphic Designer who makes sure our designs click into place and resonate with the audience. When she's not meticulously assembling designs, you can find her immersed in the world of building mechanical keyboards.


Digital Analyst
Meet Sara, one of our Digital Analysts who takes our analyses to new heights. When she's not diving into data or discovering valuable insights, you can find her hiking or biking scenic trails, shredding the slopes, or nurturing her garden.


Optimizations Coordinator
Meet Hari, one of our Optimizations Coordinators who approaches every project with determination. When he's not pushing the boundaries for better results, you can find him pushing his limits at the gym or during a marathon.


Optimizations Coordinator
Meet Karen, one of our Campaign Coordinators who ensures our strategies hit all the right notes. When she's not flawlessly coordinating campaigns, you can find her hitting up the karaoke stage or duking it out on the badminton court.


Campaign Manager
Meet Sean, one of our Campaign Managers who ensures our strategies resonate harmoniously with our target audience. When he's not finessing campaigns, you can find him speaking Gaelic semi-fluently, or playing music.


Campaign Manager
Meet Vitor, one of our Campaign Coordinators who consistently levels up our campaigns. When he's not expertly strategizing and optimizing campaigns, you'll find him diving into the immersive realms of video games.


Campaign Manager
Meet Alina, one of our Campaign Managers who plays the saxophone almost as good as she manages campaigns. When she's not devising innovative strategies, you can find her reading mystery and crime novels.


Technical Marketing Engineer
Meet Jonathon, one of our Technical Marketing Engineers who ensures that every move is a calculated step toward success. When he's not writing code, you'll find Jonathan engaging in a different kind of strategic mastery—chess.


Growth Marketing Specialist
Meet Raquel, our Growth Marketing Specialist who brings her global background into every strategy. When she’s not nurturing leads, you can find her rolling natural 20s in D&D or playing Magic the Gathering.


People & Culture
Meet Madi, the heartbeat of our People & Culture team, who brings her vibrant energy and passion for fostering a supportive environment. When she's not cultivating our company culture, you can find her channeling her strength by learning powerlifting.


Project Manager
Meet Eva, our Project Manager who brings her mastermind behind timelines and to-dos, turning chaos into order. When she’s not charting project courses for our clients, you’ll find her on an adventure some where with a backpack and a smile!

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