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War Room Inc. provides corporate branding and video marketing strategies for forward thinking companies that want to increase their gross sales. We push the leading edge of video production by utilizing our proprietary knowledge-based initiatives,

advanced techniques and industry leading tools. We produce successful, predictable and measurable results that are sustainable in any economy and scalable to meet your ongoing needs as we lead your company into new growth.

"War Room’s video production team did not only keep up to our expectations but exceeded expectations with an outstanding quality of work. The videos have been highly beneficial to our company and have added value and credibility to the brand."

Rodger Banister, Director of Marketing at Edoc Systems Group

The War Room is anything but a dangerous place because the only thing we shoot here are our cameras. The only thing we kill is the internet when our microwave is on, and the head of our HR department is a cat. We operate under a strict no-shoe policy and we enjoy leaving deep quotes on our whiteboard.

Such is the studio of a video production house, right?
Founded upon the pillars of entrepreneurship and marketing, the War Room pushes the frontiers of online marketing through the medium of video. We believe it is engaging, entertaining, and the future of advertising.

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1338 West 6th Ave. Vancouver,


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