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Vancouver Canucks

We Shoot, We Score!

The Goal

war room client case study goal

The Vancouver Canucks needed to greatly extend their reach at a cost per conversion for potential Season Membership holders, to boost their Full Season Equivalents (FSE).

As a secondary goal and a means to achieving the primary, the Vancouver Canucks needed to unify and economize on their advertising efforts across all channels to boost season memberships, increase brand awareness, and to reach demographics that were previously elusive.

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Setting Up For The Power Play

The Challenge

war room client case study challenge

The biggest challenge for the Canucks was admittedly the most precise: finding their customer online, in unique mobile-moments, and getting them to convert.

How would we be able to unify the Canucks’ advertising channels effectively – left in a disorganized state by previous efforts – to determine the cross-channel experience of the user? How could we then determine exactly how the user behaved at these specific touch-points to ensure they converted?

With the prior third-party methods, another challenge was engaging in high barrier-to-entry, high-minimum services that were less effective results-wise.

Thus, we needed to maximize conversions for the Canucks’ across specific channels by economizing and unifying all of their advertising channels, leading to better brand awareness, better impressions, and better conversions on season membership sales – all with an economical ad spend on a cost per conversion model ensuring every dollar spent led to results.

war room vancouver canucks case study display ad collage

Get The Best Seats In The House

The Execution

war room client case study execution

We began from scratch, since all data from the channels weren’t available. By casting a wide net of testing methods, we determined the channels which would yield high conversions at specific touch points. The data was ultimately determined through rigorous testing on every channel, at every level.

This expansive net of testing would lead to better viewership, clicks, and conversions that ultimately boosted ticket sales – all on an efficient ad spend.

The cross-examination of channels allowed us to cut back on the channels which were less successful, reallocating the budget to high-performing areas. Additionally, we adjusted the budget on under-performing channels, pausing channels as needed to optimize conversion rates.

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vancouver canucks ad sample on facebook
vancouver canucks ad sample on facebook 3

Putting Serious Numbers On The Board

The Results

war room client case study the results

With our strategies, we were able to achieve huge wins for the Canucks across all ad channels – specifically within the realms of Programmatic Display and Facebook ads. In fact: we significantly exceeded the amount of Full Season Equivalents (FSE’s) and ticket sales projected for the Canucks for that season, and even went above and beyond the campaign goals for impressions and clicks!

  • 11,748,553 impressions were achieved in total – beyond the 11,595,000 goal.
  • 44,720 clicks were achieved – beyond the 16,985 goal.
  • There were 9,371 visits to the landing page, with the majority of conversions coming from Display + Facebook ads.
  • By choosing the best channels for conversions and optimizing them, we achieved 332 total conversions.
  • 2.43% CTR Average among Search Ads – the industry average is 2.00%. Display ads resulted in 251 conversions – 75.60%, with emphasis on remarketing North Vancouver.
  • Recommendations were provided for future engagement, including tips on remarketing and customer targeting based on interest.





Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate

Ticket Sales

Ticket Sales

Impressions Exceeded Goals

We exceeded our impressions goal by over 200,000. We achieved 11.7 million impressions in total for the entire campaign!


million impressions

Click Goals Tripled

Throughout the entire campaign, we reached a total of 44,700+ clicks, which is almost 3 times what our goal was.

0 +


Search Ad CTR Best-In-Class

With strategic keyword planning and hands-on management and optimization, our Search Ads got a 2.43% CTR, compared to the industry average of 2%.

0 %

click-through rate

Tickets Completely Sold Out!

With our omnichannel advertising approach, we were able to sell out completely of Full-Season Equivalent tickets for the Vancouver Canucks!

sold out

photo of james lu featured in canucks testimonial

“War Room was able to provide and exceed the amount of impressions and clicks they had projected and budgeted for – and we had hit our goal of hitting Full Season Equivalents (FSE’s).

Even I myself just browsing the internet could find ads in ESPN, Kijiji, and that’s when we realized wow…the reach of their display ad platform is impressive, and hit users we could never hit before. It was a big win for us.”

James Lu

Digital Analyst, Canucks Sports & Entertainment

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