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Holiday Marketing Tips For 2020

As we enter the fall season, you can already sense that things are slowly shifting and settling into the “new normal”. Can you believe it’s already time to start planning for your holiday marketing campaigns for the upcoming season?

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Demographics & Behavior Trends

Uptick in Online Shopping Amongst Older Generation

Preference For Mobile in Younger Generation

Need For Online Customer Support

Anticipate Varying Shopping Behavior

Shoppers Gearing Up For Mega Sales

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Digital Holiday Marketing Tips

Tweak Your Brand Message to Connect With People

Consider Advertising Programmatically

Get Your Target Audience Down Pat

Festive Content To Complement Your Digital Marketing Plan

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In-Store Holiday Marketing Tips

Be Active & Engaging on Social Media

Turn Social Distancing into a Premium Experience

Offer Online Shopping, Delivery & Curbside Pickup

Bundle Products or Sell Holiday-Exclusive Items to Offer More Value

Looking to gear up digital marketing for the holidays?

What Have We Learned?