14 Best Programmatic Advertising Platforms in 2022

by Kedet | January 4, 2022

There are a lot of programmatic advertising platforms in the world.
You’re an advertiser on the hunt for a reliable, trustworthy programmatic ad partner.

You need a company who knows the business of programmatic tech, and can use it to make your ad spend go further, faster. But who do you trust?

You could spend weeks gathering data on the top Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and the best Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) around. You could put your finest people on exploring ad networks and B2B programmatic ad vendors – and still be confused at the end. It may be 2021, but there’s a lot of unclear information out there.

Editor’s Note: Our list of recommendations is not organized alphabetically or by ranking.

Here’s some good news! We’ve taken the time to review each of these programmatic advertising platforms for you, to help you make the best decision for your brand. Here they are!

Here is a list if you prefer to skip to a specific one:

Kedet from War Room

marketing agency vancouver war room inc

Of course, we had to put ourselves at #1.

Named one of as AdExchanger’s Programmatic Power Player in 2021, War Room is an agency focused on programmatic advertising for brands across industries.

We built our ad tech platform (and mascot), Kedet, from scratch! It uses Artificial Intelligence to connect your brand to the world of high-impact programmatic ads and transparent ad tech practices. Theomnichannel platform gives you simple access to an enormous list of Demand Side Platforms, suppliers, and ad networks for a smarter programmatic solution.

We intentionally built our platform and agency to exceed the expectations of advertisers, based on existing studies, competitors, and comparison data.

We are best known for our hyper-targeting capabilities and cross-channel attribution. With our tried-and-true methodology, SCORE, you can expect performance-driven campaigns with great Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Look no further for outstanding, managed programmatic ad services.

PS. We also offer a self-serve option as well.

Our mission is to take the fear out of digital advertising!


The well-known ad tech giant MediaMath makes it on this list because of their omnichannel DSP offering. Great data management and intelligence sets this company apart in the programmatic space. If you’re a large brand looking for a fantastic all-rounder, check this company out.

They have a strong track record that speaks volumes in the industry.


Amobee is an independent advertising platform that focuses on omnichannel reach, like we do.

One of their solutions involves a DSP that allows their clients to execute cross-channel programmatic campaigns. It’s admired for its extensive features and comprehensive ad tracking abilities.

Known best for their programmatic display advertising options, the only criticism we can find online is that retargeting could be better.


Digilant offers clients the ability to use their omnichannel agency solutions or run self-sufficient campaigns on their platform.

As an agency they use the MediaMath platform to help clients run their own digital campaigns. This brand is useful when you need an agency to teach your team how to run partial or fully independent programmatic campaigns online.

Disruptive Advertising

As far as programmatic advertising platforms go, Disruptive Advertising focuses on PPC ads, display ads, Facebook ads and programmatic video advertising.

They are known for their transparent practices and elegant dashboards – and they have hundreds of proven success studies published from their client base.


Fyber is a mobile-focused programmatic ad company that helps you monetize app ads.

Their platform has proprietary technology and was created when 4 ad tech companies combined. Now they offer mediation, real-time bidding, video advertising, and complete programmatic management solutions.


SmartyAds is a full stack ad system that does just about everything in the programmatic realm.

When you partner with them you get omnichannel programmatic, access to impressive ad tech and clean, easy-to-track viewability for your ads. This platform is for buyers, sellers and tech partners.


Choozle makes it onto the list with a well-known suite of digital advertising tools.

Their programmatic extends across video, mobile, display and many other formats. They are best known for their great training resources and as a starter DSP platform with limited data insights.


Programmatic advertising companies with strong customer intelligence like IgnitionOne, are worth investigating. They offer omnichannel targeting and personalization to customers, but it’s limited.

Feedback on the suite is that it’s not the easiest platform to use, and it’s fairly expensive. Still, it’s one of the better platforms out there for customer insights.


Sizmek was recently acquired by Amazon Advertising in 2019, which makes them a company to watch. As a programmatic ad management platform they have some smart features for clients.

As one of the original digital advertising companies on the block, their multi-screen capabilities are excellent and they make a great DCO (dynamic creative optimization) for programmatic creative, for larger companies.


Adobe’s Tubemogul is the advertising cloud that unites and automates all of your digital video advertising functions. Their focus is on personalizing the ad experience for your customer.

This is a good option for video programmatic, and the platform makes it easy to execute campaigns across multiple platforms and screens. Users mention a slower UI, which is common with Adobe product offerings.

Google Marketing Platform

Once the king of digital advertising platforms, Google is still way up there in terms of usability and impact. It’s particularly good for programmatic search advertising, but a little clunky.

General consensus is that there are better options out there for an overall DSP.

Appnexus Console

One of the more technical digital advertising marketplaces around, AppNexus works best if you have an on-staff analytics team. Small and large buyers will like the self-service options.

On the whole, users tend to say that this company works best if you understand programming, but it is a solid DSP to use for skilled users.


Last on the list is Adroll, a single platform that helps you grow your display and other ad offerings online. You can’t conduct A/B testing, but people are still happy with their ad templates.

As an easy interface it makes launching campaigns simple, so this is great for beginners.

Based on your specific needs, ad types and research, we hope this list helps you become better positioned to choose the best programmatic advertising platforms to use for your company!

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What Have We Learned?

There are many agencies and technology platforms that offer programmatic advertising services. Be sure to evaluate which would be best suitable for your company based on your business objectives and ad types!


War Room’s proprietary AI technology offers omnichannel advertising and reporting. They have many strong partnerships with publishers and have a wide range of ad reach.


An ad tech giant with an outstanding track record and specializes in data management and intelligence.


Independent ad platform with a focus on omnichannel reach and they are known for their programmatic display advertising.


An agency platform that offers omnichannel solutions and self-sufficient campaigns.

Disruptive Advertising:

A programmatic advertising platform that focuses on PPC, display, video and Facebook ads. They have elegant dashboards.


A mobile-centric programmatic ad company. They offer RTB, video ads, mediation and programmatic management solutions. They help companies monetize ads from mobile apps.


Full-stack programmatic ad system that’s great for ad tech partners, buyers and sellers!


A great digital advertising tool that also offers awesome training resources.


This company has advanced customer intelligence and has omnichannel targeting and personalization for consumers. However, it’s a bit harder to use and is pricier.


Programmatic ad management platform that is owned by Amazon Ads. Their multi-screen functions are great for bigger-sized companies.


Owned by Adobe, this is an advertising cloud that automates your digital video ad functions and personalizes the ad experience for your consumers. It’s a good choice for programmatic video ads.

Google Marketing Platform:

This is a strong choice for programmatic search advertising.


This is a technical digital ad marketplace. Works best if your company has an in-house analytics team or if you have an intermediate understanding of programming.


An excellent choice for beginners in launching ad campaigns. User-friendly platform for display ads etc.

Based on your specific needs, ad types, and research, you’ll now be better positioned to choose the best programmatic advertising platforms to use for your company this year.

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