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Zhi Herbals

Be-LEAF in Change

The Goal

war room client case study goal

Zhi Herbals is a family-owned online herbal apothecary based in Vancouver, BC. Zhi Herbals is committed to delivering the highest quality organic and sustainably wildcrafted herbs available.

As a proud member of the United Plant Savers, they actively promote responsible herbal stewardship and ecosystem protection. Their dedication to sustainability is evident in their thoughtfully curated selection, which includes USDA-certified organic herbs and responsibly harvested wildcrafted items.

A key objective for Zhi Herbals is to make fresh, high-quality herbs accessible to all. This motivated them to adopt an online store format, enabling them to connect with herbalists and enthusiasts in both urban and rural areas, supporting their wellness journeys.

Zhi’s goals were to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive more revenue

Herb Your Enthusiasm

The Challenge

war room client case study challenge

Rachael Miller, the owner of Zhi Herbals, handles the majority of the company’s operations, with support from her father in accounting and photography. Like any dedicated entrepreneur, Rachael juggles numerous responsibilities, including curating products, maintaining the website, crafting informative blogs, managing social media accounts, processing and shipping orders, and providing exceptional customer service.

In addition to these demanding tasks, Rachael had been handling her own digital advertising efforts. However, she encountered challenges due to the ever-changing algorithms on ad channels. Spending countless hours each day trying to navigate and comprehend the intricacies of these platforms became an exhausting ordeal for Rachael. Moreover, the lack of proper data tracking and historical data collection further hindered her marketing efforts.

Rachael’s unwavering dedication to her website and business brought Zhi Herbals to a significant level of success. However, she recognized that she needed expert support, Rachael made the proactive decision to seek out a reliable partner who could provide the necessary expertise and guidance.

Zhi Herbals was laser-focused on the search for a digital ad agency. War Room stood out as top choice because of our specialization in programmatic ads and our cutting-edge ad tech stack, which empowers us to automate processes and make data-informed optimizations. What ultimately convinced her to partner with us was our client case studies. Rachael recognized many of the brands showcased in our portfolio and trusted that we could effectively scale Zhi Herbals’ business further.

Sage Advice & Remedies

The Execution

war room client case study execution

We conducted an audit of Zhi’s ad accounts and implemented proper Google Tag Manager tracking. The first few months were a Learning Phase, and we focused on building audience data from scratch, as the interest groups were niche in the industry.

We ran both targeting and retargeting ads on the following channels:

  • Search
  • Facebook Dynamic
  • Instagram Carousel
  • Social Display
  • Performance Max and more

In addition to the advertising efforts, War Room also provided Performance Creative services and conducted a website content audit for Zhi Herbals. Customized recommendations were made to enhance the content, blog, and social media, aligning with the paid ad strategy.

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A Blooming Harvest

The Results

war room client case study the results

Rachael experienced a newfound sense of peace and confidence in running her business, relieved from the stress and worries of managing paid advertising.

As her strategic partner, in our monthly report review calls, we would share industry trends and provide recommendations for seasonal promotions. One such recommendation was the introduction of bundled Sampler Packages for Zhi Herbals. These thoughtfully curated collections aimed to attract new users and significantly increased the Average Order Value, benefiting the business.

In the past year of campaigns, some results we’ve driven include:

  • Purchases up by 25% Year Over Year
  • 55% Increase in Return on Ad Spend
  • Increased Conversion Rate by 2.77%
  • Generated close to 4 million impressions

Aside from revenue growth, Zhi Herbal’s website saw a 48% increase in sessions and 55% new users.

The brand awareness impact extended beyond paid ads, with an 81% increase in organic site visitors since War Room took over the ad strategy.

Furthermore, the company’s efforts allowed Rachael, the owner of Zhi Herbals, to focus on other aspects of her business. With more time on her hands, she could procure more products and create educational articles on herbal utilization, fulfilling her passion for the business.

Online Sales

Online Sales

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war room client case study conversion rate

Conversion Rate

war room client case study conversion rate white

Conversion Rate

war room client case study traffic

Online Traffic

war room client case study traffic white

Online Traffic

Online Sales Boosted

With a cross-channel ad strategy, Zhi Herbals saw a 25% increase in purchases Year-Over-Year. Not to mention, peace of mind for the owner to focus on growing the business!

0 %

increase in purchases Year-Over-Year

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) Hit New Heights

With War Room taking the helm on the paid strategy for Zhi Herbals, we set up proper data tracking and a cross-channel strategy, seeing a 55% increase of Return on Ad Spend


0 %

increase in ROAS

Conversions Rate Blossomed

Zhi Herbals’ industry and audience is niche, so our Campaign team worked on interpreting the data and deciphering what worked best for the ads. We were able to create a 2.77% increase in average conversion rate across various channels!

0 %

increase in conversion rate

Online Traffic Growth

Aside from revenue growth, website traffic was also boosted with War Room’s paid ads. They saw a 48% increase in sessions, 55% more new users, and an 81% rise in organic site visitors, which means brand awareness has also trickled into their organic presence.


0 %

increase in website sessions

war room client testimonial quotation mark 2

“If you’re thinking about hiring an ad agency, I’d tell you, ‘Don’t hesitate, just do it’! I used to spend so much time and money on my own experimenting with paid ads. With War Room taking over Zhi’s paid advertising, I’ve seen improvement in revenue, clicks and brand awareness. Most importantly, it gave me time back in my day to do what I love, especially when I first started this business: sourcing products and creating educational content for people who are wellness enthusiasts.

War Room’s team customizes strategy recommendations for our business that helps me improve the business and that’s what you want in a partnership.”

Rachael Miller

Owner, Zhi Herbals

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