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Elevating Destinations with Strategic Advertising Services

Our mission is to propel your marketing strategy to greater heights, ensuring your audience is captivated and your destinations are on every traveler’s bucket list!

Did You Know?

The US travel industry will increase its digital ad spend by 16.5% in 2024. Are you prepared to stay ahead of your competition and maximize your ad dollars?
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Why War Room?

Tailored Travel Services For New Horizons

Holistic Channel Strategy

We help elevate your brand and maximize your impact by seamlessly integrating digital channels, ensuring a cohesive and effective marketing approach.

Data-Driven Approach

Using our expertise in data analytics, we refines your strategies to deliver better ROI & build first-party data for personalized campaigns tailored to the travel and tourism industry.

Dedicated Team of Experts

With over a decade of expertise in travel advertising, our team of advertising experts is here to ensure your travel brand takes center stage to drive more bookings & visitations.

You're in good company

Our clients are our top priority and we are committed to providing them with the highest level of service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in programmatic advertising,  analytics, and optimizations. From planning to execution, we leverage deep industry knowledge to engage audiences and deliver measurable outcomes.

Our services cover a comprehensive range, including Paid Search, Display, Social, Video, DOOH, Shopping, Audio, Chinese markets, Metasearch/Hotel, Online Travel Agencies, and more. We also offer technical marketing and creative services

We do one thing, and we do it exceptionally well: programmatic ads. We’ve designed and built our proprietary ad platform, Kedet, to seamlessly integrate data collection, tracking, attribution, and optimization. Kedet allows us to execute intricate, cross-channel advertising campaigns while ensuring precise data tracking and real-time insights.

Digital advertising can be complex and overwhelming, so our mission is to take the fear out of digital advertising, making it transparent, understandable, and straightforward for our clients. 

While your in-house team does what they do best—crafting high-quality creatives, taglines, and keywords—we handle the heavy-lifting of setting up, monitoring, and optimizing campaigns. By using War Room for your programmatic advertising, you get a deeper understanding of your campaign data, hyper-targeting, and increased conversions to maximize your marketing dollars. For instance, if someone already converted through Display Ads, we exclude them from Facebook Ads, saving on your ad budget. 

Since 2009, we have developed expertise across diverse sectors including tourism, finance, e-commerce, real estate, and sports. Benefit from our decade-long commitment to results-driven approaches, whether your industry is listed or not. We’re ready to craft innovative strategies for your success.

Digital advertising boosts your business by enhancing visibility, engaging your target audience, and providing real-time analytics. This strategic approach ensures cost-effective, measurable impact, optimizing your online presence and driving tangible results.

Absolutely. War Room specializes in crafting customized campaigns tailored to your business goals and budget. By understanding your target audience, we develop a strategy across recommended ad channels to maximize your ad spend and drive optimal results.

The bottom line is: we want to get you the best results. If we break down $15,000 into 4 campaigns, we’re stretching the dollars too thin to see optimal results. We also find that campaign peak performance typically takes 4 months to reach. This means we would need to run for a minimum of 4 months together.

When we break down the objectives, channels, timeframe and other factors, such as device and geo-targeting, the daily budget will be spread too thin and results won’t be as effective for your ad dollars.

Yes! We offer creative services tailored for programmatic channels. Whether you have a photography library or not, we can create captivating ads for your campaigns. Our team handles all the production expenses, including stock photos, music, and videos are seamlessly included within the creative quote. For more information, visit our Performance Creative page.

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