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Programmatic Guaranteed vs Preferred Deals

Programmatic Direct

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Programmatic Guaranteed

This type of direct deal can guarantee or reserve the ad inventory for the buyer. Specific metrics are set in stone when the deal is made, including:

  • Positions
  • Quantities
  • Dates
  • Impressions
  • Prices

This type of exchange is primarily for premium inventories. The buyers can see and choose the ad placements. The ad publisher will select only one buyer and negotiate a fixed price for a guaranteed number of impressions.
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  • You get access to premium quality inventory. Top-tier inventory means quality traffic. You get peace of mind knowing your ads will be shown.

  • Both buyer and publisher get more control. As a buyer, you can see exactly where your ad will be served. Publishers can review your creatives and control what content is shown on their website or app to ensure brand safety for themselves.


  • It has less flexibility: fixed prices mean no room for negotiation.

Preferred Deal

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  • Once a deal is struck, you can serve highly relevant ads to targeted audiences.
  • It’s flexible: brands can shop around for the right inventory without feeling obligated to buy.


  • The deal isn’t guaranteed, so the buyer might have to compete with other buyers for the same deals.

Should I Run
Programmatic Guaranteed or
Preferred Deals Ads?

Run Programmatic Guaranteed ads, if:

Run Preferred Deals ads, if:

Programmatic Guaranteed & Preferred Deals Advertising Services

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