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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Vancouver

Digital marketing encompasses paid advertising, design, content marketing, social media, PR, SEO…and so much more. 

War Room

marketing agency vancouver war room inc

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Cross-channel advertising


Major Tom

marketing agency vancouver major tom

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Named after an iconic Davie Bowie persona, Major Tom is probably the most prominent digital agency in Vancouver. They are a full-service marketing agency covering almost anything you can think of, spanning from branding, strategy to creatives.

Their clients love them for their full-service team’s coverage and the ability to help many brands launch websites, creatives, and ads campaigns seamlessly.

What’s neat is that they have offices in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto.

Forge & Spark

marketing agency vancouver forge and spark

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What we love about this women-led agency is its specialization in content marketing. Their team is made up of creative content professionals who are passionate about story-telling. They believe in purpose-driven content, which will help brands achieve impact digitally and connect with audiences.

If you’re thinking of revolutionizing your brand’s messaging or need help with producing high-quality content, the team at Forge & Spark will be your biggest ally.

Thrive Digital

Services Offered

marketing agency vancouver thrive digital


Thrive Digital is one of the most famous digital marketing agencies in Vancouver. One of their biggest clients is Uber! They manage all aspects of online advertising, from planning and building to execution. Even Neil Patel, the SEO guru praises their performance marketing team!

For biggest agencies like this, be sure to inquire if they have a minimum monthly spend and the ongoing service fee to ensure it’s a great match.

Jelly Digital Marketing & PR

marketing agency vancouver jelly marketing

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The holy trifecta that makes up the heart of Jelly Marketing’s business are social media, digital advertising, and public relations. They have worked out a formula for balancing these three aspects of marketing and synergizing them!

They take care of press releases, media events, and your social media strategy. Their digital marketing team then tracks how effective your campaigns are with your target audience.

If you’re looking for a digital partner to help build a successful strategy with PR and social, Jelly would be worth checking out!


marketing agency vancouver blue meta

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Blue Meta’s website is beautifully designed, and it highlights their strength in design and branding. They can take your idea and transform it into an entire brand experience. They also can custom illustrations, designs, and product packaging alongside the usual social media management and digital advertising services. If you’re an eCommerce business, they would be able to help you scale up.

Idea Rebel

marketing agency vancouver idea rebel

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As cool as their beautiful office located in Gastown in Downtown Vancouver, Idea Rebel is probably the coolest cat on the block on our list!

As a full-service agency, they take pride in their adaptability and ability to think outside the box. Aside from strategy and design capabilities, they also have developers on their team that help build unique campaigns and deliver other digital development services. If you’re looking for a creative partner that can deliver a provocative brand experience, these rebels are it!

Pound & Grain

marketing agency vancouver pound and grain

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With their headquarters situated in Toronto, Pound & Grain expanded with a second office in Vancouver. Their philosophy combines Pound (high-level creative ideas and strategy) and Grain (connecting audiences and driving results).

This full-service digital agency is passionate about building creative marketing solutions for its clients. Their philosophy is to think big and tell a story by bringing ideas to life. What’s neat is that they have an in-house production team for your video needs, so it’s handy when you need new creative assets!

Massive Media

marketing agency vancouver massive media

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Massive Media is a brand & experience design agency that also does digital advertising. The team combines strategy, creative and technology, and helps brands increase awareness.

They help design brands that connect with their audience’s needs and expectations. It covers brand strategy, web design, and marketing campaigns. But what we think makes them stand out are their digital product and service offerings. They can help you build product roadmaps, conduct market validation, produce prototypes, test usability, and more. They are a savvy partner to have, especially if you have a physical product.

Plus, we love how visually stunning their website is, it showcases their strength in visual design and development!


marketing agency vancouver soul pepper

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Soulpepper is a digital agency made up of experts in SEM, PPC, SEO, and web design. They are equipped for digital growth in the eCommerce space.

Look no further when it comes to building an online presence. From launching your business and building a website to running paid campaigns and growing a newsletter list, you will be in good hand

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