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Connect your paid media campaigns to actual destination visits

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Are you struggling to accurately measure the impact of your digital advertising efforts as a destination marketer? 

Finally, a clear way to attribute destination visits with online ad spend.

Klick & Mortar helps destination marketers track actual location visits and attribute them back to online ads, providing a clear picture of the impact of their digital marketing efforts have on physical visitation.

By bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds, Klick & Mortar helps destination marketers make data-driven decisions and optimize their marketing efforts to drive more visitation. Gain a deeper understanding of your audience, track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and ultimately, achieve greater ROI on your digital marketing spend.

By collecting location and behavioral data from everyday apps people use and matching that to their advertising history, we can provide you with insights such as:

  • Who saw your ad
  • Where they saw it from
  • The sequence of ads that led to visitation
  • Accurate traveler geolocation data within 30 feet
  • How many days passed between seeing your ad and visiting your location
  • Day of week user arrived at the location
  • Hour of the day the user arrived at the location


Below are some other benefits of Klick & Mortar™ that can help elevate your digital marketing and in-store traffic. For maximum results, consider adding geofencing to your audience targeting.

Multi-Channel Attribution

Understanding which channels, devices, and formats are driving visitors to their destination is critical for optimizing their marketing efforts. Get the complete picture of the customer journey by looking beyond the last touchpoint before conversion.

This will help you understand what channels, devices, and formats are helping affect your customer’s decision making process throughout their travel journey.

In-Market Movement

Knowing where visitors are coming from and going during their trip can be a game-changer. Access detailed in-market movement patterns of both current & prospective visitors, enabling destination marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their visitors’ travel behaviors.

This information can help destination marketers optimize their marketing efforts by tailoring their messaging and offers to specific segments of visitors.

Audience Creation

Klick & Mortar’s unique first-party audience segments are created based on where people go, allowing destination marketers to target and analyze audiences that are most likely to visit or revisit their destination.

This approach is especially valuable for tourism marketing, as it helps destination marketers reach potential visitors who have already shown an interest in traveling to their destination, thus creating campaigns that are more likely to resonate with their target audience.

Tracking critical moments throughout the traveler's journey

To understand your consumer’s journey, you need to engage and understand potential travelers as they search, plan, book, & experience their trips.


Klick & Mortar™ can help you acquire new visitors, activate repeat visitors, and get a clear understanding of your most valuable destination travelers.


Your audience is envisioning themselves in new destinations. Your job is to inspire them to travel. Fuel their wanderlust and make them want to explore the world.



Once customers are hooked on the idea of traveling, they start researching destinations, comparing prices, and looking for the best deals. This is where your brand comes in.


Your audience is ready to take the plunge and commit to their travel plans. Drive them to book with you by providing a seamless booking experience that assures them that they made the right choice.


Create an unforgettable experience that fosters loyalty and encourages customers to come back for more. Whether it’s exceptional customer service, immersive tours, or exclusive perks, ensure that every aspect of their trip exceeds their expectations.

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“We were able to attribute the digital marketing campaign to the actual results of visitation on the ground. That was extraordinary, and the other thing we saw was that when somebody saw an ad, it took between 4 to 9 weeks before we actually saw them come to the region. This is a game-changer for our industry.

What’s really exciting about War Room’s Klick & Mortar campaign is that we can attribute online advertising and our spend with actual physical visitation on the ground in our region. We can now develop business cases for what our campaign should look like in the future, which then means a sound business case for our industry and our association for the future.”

Glenn Mandziuk

President & CEO, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association

Increase Visitation to Your Destination

Price Efficiency

Analyze campaign performance to confirm the best strategies and multiply your visitation ROI.

Real Time

Target your audience at the right time and place with in-market customer targeting in real-time.

Cross Channel

Gain a better understanding of the customer journey by tracking visitor behavior across channels.

Any Device

Reach your travel consumer on any device or platform.

Brand Safety

Deliver campaigns to the right audience in a safe and secure environment using only verified data vendors.

Traveller Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and adjust your marketing efforts to drive more visitation to your destination.

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