These Tips Can Supercharge Your PPC Ad Campaign Strategy

COVID-19 has significantly impacted the global tourism industry.

As we navigate the pandemic to rebuild the “new normal”, one fact that doesn’t change is having a strong marketing strategy. Being prepared ahead of time helps you bounce back sooner! Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the best way to capture those who dream of traveling again (trust us; almost everyone is craving a vacation).

At War Room, many of our clients are in the travel and tourism industry, and we decided to share some first-hand insights and tips for effective PPC campaigns.

The travel industry is competitive, so this resource will show you how to cut through the noise and capture your target audience.

Why You Need It

Tips For Optimizations

Each PPC campaign is unique and requires finessing. Find out how you can optimize your campaign and landing page for better Return On Investment (ROI).

Low-Hanging Fruit

By learning how to identify the low-hanging fruit from your campaign, you can make the most cost-effective adjustments to drive quality conversions!

Savvy Stats

We highlight a few consumer statistics that travel and tourism professionals like yourself should keep in mind when building your strategy.

10 PPC Tips For Travel
& Tourism Marketers


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