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Social Display Ads: How to Use Them & Win Big

It’s a Social ad, it’s a Display ad, no — it’s a Social Display ad!

What are Social Display Ads?

Which Social Channels Can You Create Ads From

Examples of Social Display Ads in Action

Social Display ads pull content directly from the channels and display them dynamically.

Take a look at big brands leveraging the different formats currently offered on social channels:


Twitter Post

social display ads - twitter post

Twitter Carousel

social display ads - twitter carousel

Twitter Video

social display ads - twitter video


Pinterest Post

social display ads - pinterest post

Pinterest Video

social display ads - pinterest video
Updated in January 2022
New offerings Pinterest Social Display Ads include:
  • Save Pin Button
  • Pin Title and Pin Description settings
  • Call-to-Action options

social display ads - pinterest post
social display ads - pinterest post
social display ads - pinterest post



LinkedIn Post

social display ads - linkedin post

LinkedIn Carousel

social display ads - linkedin carousel

LinkedIn Video

social display ads - linkedin video


Instagram Post

social display ads - instagram post

Instagram Carousel

social display ads - instagram carousel

Instagram Video

social display ads - instagram video

Instagram Story

social display ads - instagram story


Facebook Post

social display ads - facebook post

Facebook Carousel

social display ads - facebook carousel

Facebook Video

social display ads - facebook video

Facebook Story

social display ads - facebook story

August 2021 Update
Now is the time to add your Facebook and Instagram stories into your creative rotation of a live or upcoming campaign. Why? Because we’ve made some small but significant changes that make the experience even better:

  • True Edge-to-Edge media fills the entire ad space
  • Visual style improvements
  • Adjustable caption line length
  • Better Click-Through Rates
  • And More!

When Should You Use Social Display Ads?

The correct answer is: always!

Benefits of Social Display Ads

Let us take a deeper dive into the benefits of running Social Display ads.
Keep in mind your current marketing strategies and evaluate if layering on this type of ad could give you that extra “oomph”!

#1: Saves Time (and Money)

#2: Combat Ad Fatigue

#3: Performance

#4: Brand Consistency

#5: Extended Ad Reach

#6: Amplification

Interested? Here’s How You Start

Want to add Social Display Ads to your digital strategy?