Social Display Ads: How to Use Them & Win Big

by Kedet | March 15, 2021

It’s a Social ad, it’s a Display ad, no — it’s a Social Display ad!

We’re here to talk about the love child of cool programmatic technology and why it’s a great tactic to add to your advertising strategy.

We’ll be covering:
What are Social Display Ads?

Social Display ads are a type of ad that configures your existing social media posts (or ads) and delivers them as programmatic display banner ads.

Whether your campaign objective is to create brand awareness, retarget or drive conversions, it is an efficient way to showcase your brand around the internet.

Which Social Channels Can You
Create Ads From?
Social Display ads can pull content directly from the channels:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
Examples of Social Display Ads
in Action
Social Display ads pull content directly from the channels and display them dynamically.

Take a look at big brands leveraging the different formats currently offered on social channels:


Twitter Post

social display ads - twitter post

Twitter Carousel

social display ads - twitter carousel

Twitter Video

social display ads - twitter video

Pinterest Post

social display ads - pinterest post

Pinterest Video

social display ads - pinterest video



LinkedIn Post

social display ads - linkedin post

LinkedIn Carousel

social display ads - linkedin carousel

LinkedIn Video

social display ads - linkedin video

Instagram Post

social display ads - instagram post

Instagram Carousel

social display ads - instagram carousel

Instagram Video

social display ads - instagram video

Instagram Story

social display ads - instagram story

Facebook Post

social display ads - facebook post

Facebook Carousel

social display ads - facebook carousel

Facebook Video

social display ads - facebook video

Facebook Story

social display ads - facebook story
When Should You Use Social Display Ads?
The correct answer is: always!
Social Display is an evergreen, always-on strategy used by the best brands in the world.
Benefits of Social Display Ads
Let us take a deeper dive into the benefits of running Social Display ads.

Keep in mind your current marketing strategies and evaluate if layering on this type of ad could give you that extra “oomph”!

#1: Saves Time (and Money)

When you do not have the time nor resources to generate custom display creative for a holiday, event, or cultural moment, Social Display Ads can generate production-ready creative in minutes, deriving it directly from your social media posts.

Your team won’t have to spend extra time designing from scratch, which saves you production costs.

All you need to do is share your already created social post with our team at War Room, and voila — we have a Social Display ad ready to go!

#2: Combat Ad Fatigue
Ad fatigue is real. If your existing ad creative has been exhausted and audiences aren’t converting anymore, swap it out instantly with your social media posts without any additional creative necessary. This builds off of the previous point, not only do you save on time and money, you can also combat ad fatigue, so your brand will always look fresh.
#3: Performance

Ad studies show that Social Display Ads outperform traditional banner ads. Social Display can increase Click-Through Rate (CTR) and give your marketing efforts a boost.

#4: Brand Consistency
By dipping into your social feed library and leverage your existing, branded visual content is a sure way to ensure brand consistency. Your brand’s creative language will be cohesive across all channels.
#5: Extended Ad Reach
Social Display ads are delivered on Display channels, which enables your brand to reach beyond just social channel users. More eyeballs on your brand means more clicks and conversions.
#6: Amplification
If you identify a specific post on your social channel that is high-performing and generating buzz, you can instantly boost it and extend the “WOW” across the internet programmatically.
Interested? Here’s How You Start

If you’re an existing client with War Room, you don’t need to wait for a Request For Proposal (RFP) or planning cycle to add on Social Display to your existing, active programmatic campaign. It will be an easy, plug-and-play! Get in touch with your Account Manager now.

If you’re interested in switching your digital advertising to programmatic, let’s get in touch! Click on the button below:

Want to add Social Display Ads
to your digital strategy?
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