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Do I Need To Bid on Branded Keywords?

Every advertiser that’s running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns has contemplated the question: “Do I need to bid on my branded keywords”?

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Six Reasons Why You Should Bid On Branded Keywords

Here are six key points why we believe every brand that’s running PPC campaigns should bid on branded keywords:

#1: If a person is typing in your branded terms in the search bar, they’ve likely got some familiarity with your brand and are therefore closer to a sale/conversion.

Whether they heard about you from word-of-mouth or they’ve already been on your site shopping around, some of their questions have been answered, and they’re further into the consumer funnel than someone searching for available product or service terms. But this does not mean our job is done.

#2: You can double your visibility to searchers by showing up twice on one Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

More than likely, you’re getting the top organic result for your brand, but having a paid ad listing on the first page (and probably in the top few paid positions) reinforces your presence to the searcher. Amplify Interactive posted data back in January (chart below) that showed CTRs increasing by 5.1% when a brand has an organic and paid listing instead of just an organic result.

Competitors may try to bid on your branded terms to try and “steal” your traffic to show up for searchers, so this strategy is a good way to combat that and also increase clicks to your own website!

#3: Your competition is and will be bidding on your branded terms, so you need to be prepared.

#4: Branded terms can help your overall account Quality Score.

#5: You can’t capture all searches organically, even with the top organic result.

#6: Branded keywords are generally low-cost.

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