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A properly structured landing page is the cornerstone of successful digital marketing. Your offer may be stellar and your programmatic advertising might be optimized masterpieces, but without a properly structured landing page, your conversion rates are going to suffer. Your landing page layout needs to be flawless. A great landing page grabs the attention of visitors and persuades them to complete a conversion. This blueprint will show you how to create a winning landing page with these nine simple landing page tips.

What Will Be Covered


What you need to create a eye catching headline.


How and what kinds of visuals will help you convert the most.


Understand the best way to position your offer to sell the user.

Call to Action

Learn what will make your call to action successful and where to position it.

Page Fold

Where do users spend most of their time and how to capitalise on page real estate.


To link or not to link that is the million dollar question.


How to structure your description in a way that makes it clear. People will know exactly what they are getting.


It is important to provide social proof. Testimonials are a great way to show that other people enjoy your product or service.

Trust Elements

Learn what kind of trust elements are the most successful and how to use them.


“I Recommend War Room”

I will absolutely be continuing to use War Room. All of my marketing friends and people I work with that need help on digital, I recommend War Room.

I’m going to give you my number one frustration that War Room completely solved for us. I felt before with other agencies that I just wasn’t getting the deep level of analytics that War Room is able to provide. War Room goes that extra step to really analyze where people are bouncing out and why they’re bouncing out. We were able to tweak and optimize our website every week of the campaign to get better and better results.

Trina Mousseau
CMO, Destination Greater Victoria

Blueprint for a High Converting Landing Page

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