Brand Safety

As your advertising partner, we are vigilant in protecting your brand equity.

Brand Safety

As your advertising partner, we are vigilant in protecting your brand equity.

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Why Is Brand Safety So Incredibly Important?

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s states that: 

Brand safety is in the eye of the beholder—it all depends on what is or is not appropriate for the brand. For example, an R-rated action film might have different standards than a baby products company.

No one wants their brand image tarnished by being associated with the wrong messaging.
Brand safety isn’t about blocking sites; it is the definition of your brand’s preference when it comes to ad placement.
As your trusted partner, we leverage the most prominent brand safety technologies to ensure your brand reputation is protected online.

The War Room Difference


Brand safety is subjective

Each brand has a different tolerance of risk, so we work together to set a threshold.

Context is the key to success — and our technology delivers online brand and content alignment. You will have control over your ad placement options.

Customized Solution

No two brands are the same when it comes to their risk threshold.

We work with the leading brand safety tools in the advertising industry to safeguard our clients.

Dependent on your ad placement exclusions and inclusions, we will carefully select the best suitable solution for your brand.

Performance Optimized

Once defined, we ensure you stay in your brand's “safe zone.”

This is not mutually exclusive with driving outstanding results. Content suitability and audience engagement go hand in hand.

You can expect targeted audiences to see your highly-relevant ads only on the channels that align with your brand. Enjoy peace of mind with both brand reputation and optimal ad performance!


“War Room was able to provide and exceed the amount of impressions and clicks they had projected and budgeted for – and we had hit our goal of hitting Full Season Equivalents (FSE’s).

Even I myself just browsing the internet could find ads in ESPN, Kijiji, and that’s when we realized wow…the reach of their display ad platform is impressive, and hit users we could never hit before. It was a big win for us.”

James Liu

Digital Analyst, Canucks Sports & Entertainment

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