Why War Room Is One Of The Most Pet-Friendly Offices in Vancouver

by Kedet | August 27, 2020

Update: August 2021
We took in 5 kittens in the summer of 2021 at the wee age of 2 weeks old. Here’s them at 4-5 weeks!

When you first think of War Room, you might be like, “Whoa, sounds like they get down to serious business!” Don’t get us wrong, our tribe of digiNerds do work hard on planning, strategizing, analyzing and optimizing our clients’ advertising needs. However, we are also a big family that adores furry friends. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the most pet-friendly offices in Vancouver!

All of our team members are animal lovers and many of them are dog owners themselves.

Take Mayo for example, one of the OG dogs to join our office. Her owner is Ariel, our Data Analyst. Mayo is a fluffy, adorable and sassy American Husky. Here she is being a good assistant:

Bobo (@bobothelildoggo) (right) is the latest addition, a rescue mutt from Taiwan. He is sometimes anxious around people and cats, but he has been able to get out of his comfort zone and make new friends in the process! His mom is Charlene, our Content Marketing Coordinator.

Lifelearn Animal Health highlights the benefits of having a pet-friendly workplace, which are:

  • Employee stress gets reduced
  • A great boost in office morale
  • Believe it or not, it promotes productivity
  • Aids in team building
  • Promotes a more active lifestyle
  • Facilitates communication and conversations
  • No more lonely dogs stuck at home

Studies show that dogs can actually aid in lowering stress levels in the office. These four-legged furry friends usually nap and occasionally wander around for some well-deserved cuddles.

But you might say, okay, so what, most tech companies nowadays are dog-friendly!
And of course, we can’t forget to include those who identify as a “cat person”!

Well, well, well…can you name any other one that is cat-friendly?

Our CEO, Mike Tyler has been fostering animals for over 15 years. With a big heart for animals and seeing the positive impact having pets in the workspace has elevated team spirit, he had an idea: why not foster kittens in the office too?

Ever since then, War Room has become a long term partner with the BCSPCA and we foster cats!

We dropped off some donuts for our hardworking friends at the BCSPCA in Vancouver this summer.

During the time that the kittens are being fostered here in the War Room office, you not only see them grow (physically), but also get to admire their personalities and each of them are so unique.

When they first arrive at our pet-friendly office, some of them are immediately brave adventurers and instantly adore cuddles and would splay out on the keyboard begging for belly rubs. Some are timider and take a longer time to warm up, so we have lots of corners and nooks for them to chill out and people watch. Over time, they grow more confident and become very well socialized sweethearts.

As a collective foster parent for these animals, it’s hard not to grow fond of them as we form close bonds, spending time together every single day, so it’s always tough to say goodbye. But we are also so proud of them and excited that they have found their forever home with loving owners! They have come such a long way and deserve all the happiness, treats and cuddles.

One of our favorite stories is about the kitten, Enzo.
Enzo came to us as a teeny tiny kitten at the wee age of 4 weeks old. We had to teach him how to use the litter box (he was a quick learner)! War Room’s office was a jungle for him. He would hop onto desks and cuddle on your lap. He was also fearless with the office pups.

He was also made popular cameos in our Zoom meeting calls with clients and loved all the attention he got from the virtual ooh-ing and ahh-ing at his cuteness. One of our clients, Mountain Biking Tourism Association ended up adopting him and now he roams and romps around their office!

He was also made popular cameos in our Zoom meeting calls with clients and loved all the attention he got from the virtual ooh-ing and ahh-ing at his cuteness. One of our clients, Mountain Biking Tourism Association ended up adopting him and now he roams and romps around their office!
Here’s a look at some of our other previous kittens we had the joy of fostering:
The July 2020 “interns” were a mixed group of four rambunctious and sweet boys. From left to right: Luci, Midnight, Salem, and Alfie.
Look how much they’ve grown in a matter of 3.5 weeks:
Our interns hard at work:
A few of our War Room office dogs are rescue dogs themselves and may struggle with anxiety. The pet-friendly office is a safe and relaxed environment for both the cats and dogs to get to know each other and grow confidence.

An example of Mushu and Bobo hanging out in the kitchen with the kittens because they can all bond over treats (yes, our kitchen is stocked with snacks for humans and pets).

Human, cat and dog friends galore!

By mingling the kittens with dogs early on in their lives helps them get along with dogs, which is a quality that gets them adopted easier. At War Room, we’re all about increasing conversion rates, whether it be for our clients or foster kittens!

Want to join War Room’s team? Do you also love dogs and cats? Then we want YOU!

Looking to adopt a War Room kitten?
Email us at: [email protected] to see if we are fostering any at the moment.
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