The Ladder of Accountability

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This Infographic Can Truly Empower You

Do you ever feel powerless? The first step to empowerment is to have accountability for yourself.

At War Room, The Ladder of Accountability is the foundation of our company culture, which allows us to embrace a culture of self-leadership. We know the tasks we are responsible for and also take ownership of the results. It encourages autonomy, problem-solving, collaborating and builds trust amongst the team. We work efficiently and well together because everyone holds each other and themselves accountable. It’s an excellent tool for any company to improve self-leadership amongst their team.

We created this infographic as it is an excellent resource for encouraging anyone and everyone to hold themselves accountable, professionally and personally. It comes especially handy when you’re trying to achieve a goal or overcome a challenge. Find out some of its benefits below!

How You Can Use It

The Ladder of Accountability