170+ Power Words for Emotional Ads

WR - Power Words - Header Mockup - Square - March 06 2023

This List of Words Can Elevate Your Marketing Game:

You can have a visually-stunning landing page with a great layout but do the words truly “speak” to your audience?

At War Room, we study our data and look for opportunities to best optimize the ads we are running and make recommendations to our clients. Here is a list of words that have proven to be effective in driving audiences to take action. Use these 170+ power words to elevate your marketing!

How do you pique one’s interest? How do you connect with them emotionally?

Incorporate these power words into your marketing creative copy to grab people’s attention and drive conversions!

PS. These words aren’t just useful for ad copy, they’re great for social posts and blog headlines too!

Why You Need It

170+ Words

We’ve processed thousands of ads to extract this list of effective words. Sift through them and brainstorm how you can evoke emotion with your audience!


We categorized the words into relevant categories AND organized them in alphabetical order for easy consumption.

Practical Examples

Aside from our neatly categorized lists, we’ve also created visual examples of how these words can be used for a variety of marketing purposes.

170+ Power Words for Emotional Ads