This List of Words Can Elevate Your Marketing Game:

You can have a visually-stunning landing page with a great layout but do the words truly “speak” to your audience? At War Room, we study our data and look for opportunities to best optimize the ads we are running and make recommendations to our clients. Here is a list of words that have proven to be effective in driving audiences to take action.

Use these 170+ power words to elevate your marketing!

How do you pique one’s interest? How do you connect with them emotionally?

Incorporate these power words into your marketing creative copy to grab people’s attention and drive conversions!

PS. These words aren’t just useful for ad copy, they’re great for social posts and blog headlines too!

Why You Need It

170+ Words

A variety of carefully curated words to connect with your audience.

Easy as A-Z

Organized alphabetically for a better viewing experience.


Print out this letter-sized sheet as a reference next time you’re writing!


“I Recommend War Room”

War Room helped us scale our digital marketing strategy quickly and efficiently. We needed to reach a broad market with many competitors and War Room made our strategy feel personal, which is one of the reasons we wanted to work with this boutique firm. They engaged us with planning exercises and conversations and made sure our international teams always staying in the loop.

Leah Citron
MLS Associate Marketing Manager, adidas Soccer

170+ Power Words For Writing Emotional Ads

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