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How iOS 14’s Update Will Impact Your Facebook Ads

The launch of Apple’s iOS 14 in 2021 has significantly impacted data tracking in the marketing landscape.

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What is Going On with iOS 14 & Facebook?

Here’s the high-level breakdown of what is happening with Apple and Facebook.


Apple is updating their latest operating system, iOS 14, and it will limit user information exchanged with Facebook, prohibiting specific data collection and sharing.



Apple Store will require all mobile apps to have prompts for iOS 14 users. The message will give people the option to opt-in for tracking.



Apple devices with iOS 14 software and the Facebook Ad platform.

Who Will Be Affected?

Businesses & brands who run Facebook Ads & Facebook Business Tools to:

  • Target audiences
  • Track web conversion events (click, form submission, etc.)
  • Advertise mobile apps
  • Optimize ads

What Does This Mean for Marketers?

What is Going On with iOS 14 & Facebook?

Advertising and driving conversions will work with iOS 14 devices, but tracking will be limited. Here are some of the most significant changes you should take note of:

Facebook Pixel Tracking

Pixel actions like Form Submission, Click to Download, Add to Cart, Purchase Completion will have less numbers reported as more people choose to opt-out of being tracked.

Facebook Ad Optimization

Due to less pixel tracking activity of user activity, there will be less data to work with when optimizing ads.

Retargeting & Audience Segments

Users who visited your website via iOS 14 devices and iOS 14 users who opted-out won’t be tracked, so they won’t be able to be included in Retargeting or Lookalike audiences.


These are the Facebook Ad objectives that will be impacted by this change:


If you choose “Link Clicks” as your goal, it won’t be affected. But if you choose “Landing Page Views,” which utilizes the Facebook Pixel, it won’t track iOS 14 devices.

App Installs

Any targeting for iOS 14 devices won’t be tracked.

Covnersions & Catalog Sales

For both these objectives, the attribution window will change from a 28-day click & view to only 7-day click and 1-day view for all devices.


All conversion activity happening solely on Facebook or Instagram (for example, a Facebook lead form ad or purchase on Instagram Shopping) will still 100% be tracked and reported accurately.

On the other hand, any links that take the user to a website will lose tracking capacities.

Limit of 8 Events Per Domain

Updated: April 28, 2021

Effects on Campaigns & How You Will Be Impacted

#1: Conversions made by users who opted out of tracking on iOS14 through your Facebook Ad will not be tracked.

#2: Delayed Reporting – For iOS14 devices, there will be no real-time reporting, and data may be delayed for up to 3 days.

#3: There will be a limitation of 8 Conversion Events for your Pixel.

#4: Facebook’s app and web conversions will no longer provide reporting on the delivery and action breakdowns of iOS 14 users. This includes age, gender, region, and ad placement.

#5: Small Retargeting Pool – The conversion window for iOS 14 is 7 days (instead of the standard 28 days).

#6: Value Optimization for Purchases (100 purchases in 7 days are required).

Action Plan For Advertisers

We can do a few action items to acclimate to these changes to iOS 14 and Facebook. We broke down the to-do items on what clients need to do and what agencies like us need to do. Find out below.

To-Dos For Client

Facebook Domain Verification

There are three methods of implementation. Your webmaster will only need to use one. The three are: DNS TXT, HTML and Meta Tag.

We will share the codes with you to pass along to your developer to implement.

On a brand’s end, the most important thing you can do is verify your company’s domain on your Facebook page. Whichever of the three methods you choose, it will require the help of your developer to implement specific tracking codes.

As an advertising agency, we manage your ad account and reporting, so leave the technical adjustments for us (see section below). If there is anything additional that will require your assistance or attention, we will let you know as soon as possible!

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