AI and Copywriting: How to Scale Your Content Creation

As digital technology evolves, your SEO strategy will need to as well! In this blog, learn about how you can better optimize your online presence with voice search.

In today’s digital space where you’re exposed to hundreds of pieces of content and ads a day, compelling copy is crucial as it cuts through the noise. It’s the engine that powers connections between brands and consumers, from vibrant website content to captivating ads on search engine’s first page. That’s why more and more savvy writers and advertisers are turning to advanced tools to create messages that truly resonate.

According to research by TrueClicks, around 31% of PPC specialists utilize AI tools to write high-quality ad copy. But how exactly does AI help with copywriting? Which AI paragraph writer should brand marketers consider using to help scale their copywriting efforts?

Let’s jump right in.

Why Use an AI Tool?

When it come to copywriting, it can be challenging. For example, you’re a small business owner, you’re busy running the business, dealing with operations etc, then you still have to carve out time to write descriptions for your products, and dabble in creative writing to write ad copy to market them and drive sales! AI tools can be a helpful way to save time and help you brainstorm, and scale.

There are quite a few AI tools that might come to mind, such
as ChatGPTEditPadMicrosoft Copilot, or the AI Paragraph Generator. Each one of the mentioned tools has its benefits, features, and things that distinguish its content from other AI-based tools.

However, there are some tools dedicated to this purpose. Now, let’s say we need an advert for a newly released office chair. So, let’s use that prompt, and use three different tools, and see how they do:


Okay…sometimes, ChatGPT tries a bit too hard, and even the untrained eyes nowadays can sense when the content is written by ChatGPT. So, it’s not exactly an idea, though a bit of editing and tweaks might fix that issue.


Copilot keeps things a bit simpler and generates something that might be acceptable in an article, or a webpage. However, it lacks the versatility that might be needed, but a bit of a switch in the prompt might fix that for some users.

AI Paragraph Writer by Editpad

EditPad’s paragraph generator takes the advertising part seriously and generates something people might be more familiar with or attracted to. That’s why, out of the three options tried so far, this Paragraph Generator seems to stand out.

AI Paragraph Generator

The AI Paragraph Generator kept up with the quality of the one offered by Editpad. It’s confident and conveys the information effectively and be used right away. We’d say that this one and the one offered by Editpad are pretty much similar and you can choose to go with anyone one of the two since they’re the better options.

4 Ways To Utilize AI forCopywriting

Now that we know the type of AI tools that can be used to copywrite, let’s talk about how to use them. So, let’s say you will be using EditPad’s Paragraph Generator, then here are four ways that you can leverage it to write a product advertisement paragraph.

1: Writing In Various Tones

One of the first things we can try to do with AI paragraph writing is to see how it does in different tones. The particular tool we’re using offers various writing tones, and here’s how the user can configure them:

So, let’s say we pick “Formal,” then here’s what we get:

As you can see here, it’s quite formal and seems like it’s written for an office/professional demographic. But what happens when we try something more casual? Let’s try the “Persuasive” option:

While the tone in this is quite laid back, it’s very persuasive and focuses on all of the benefits of our prompts. So, it would be a good idea to try out various themes and tones before editing them yourself.

2. Writing In Details

Now there are quite a few ways to write a detailed product description. While some would prefer to use ChatGPT or xAI Grok, others would still prefer the paragraph writer above. However, even if we generate multiple paragraphs, each is 100 words.

However, that all changes when the user switches to something like a “Detailed” mode, such as this:

So, does it increase the overall word count and make it more detailed? Yes, it does:

So, compared to the earlier draft, now we have more words to work with. Now, instead of relying on the tool alone, we can do a few things, such as:

  • Add and edit more words to make it even more detailed.
  • Turn it into a listicle and add more to each point.
  • Extend the existing paragraphs to make them lengthier.

That’s the best way to ensure that the detailed content generated above can get even more thorough.

Do note that when it comes to content and copywriting, quality over quanity. Search engines like Google won’t penalize you for having AI-generated content, but they will if it’s filler, or poor content. So it’s key to still incorporate that human touch so it aligns with your brand voice, and has a sense of personality!

3. Pick the Best Option

Be it ChatGPT, Copilot, or EditPad’s paragraph generator, you have the luxury to use them as much as you like. So why stop generating a paragraph? You can try those tools again and again until you find something you like. Or better yet, use different options and A/B test it on your ads!
Here’s an example of a paragraph generator creating three different paragraphs with the same idea:




It’s apparent that each one offers a different vibe and flair. Go with the one with the one you’d prefer! Also, a tip for using the different options could be one version is your website product page description, one is your Facebook ad caption, and the other is the video script for your TikTok ad.


These are some of the best ways AI can help you scale your copywriting efforts! EditPad’s AI Paragraph Writer had generated some effective copy options which we are a fan of!

These tools can help you brainstorm, get ideas, and expand your content. using various tools. So, the choice comes down to personal preference and which tool suits your specific need the most.

Keep in mind that quality should always outweigh quantity when it comes to your copywriting efforts. Ensuring that your content reflects a human touch is crucial!

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