12-Month Marketing Calendar

WR - Advertising Calendar Redesign - Header - Square - March 06 2023

Ever experience dry spells with your marketing strategy?

What if there was a way to spice it up all year long?

There are so many seasonal holidays and events worth celebrating throughout the year. For brand marketers, that means more opportunities to maximize your ROI!

Of course, we know there’s Black Friday and holiday sales in the fall and winter (check out our Holiday Marketing Guide here), but in the other months, there are many days to build marketing strategies around too.

We’ve created this Ad Calendar for any and every marketer. It covers all twelve months of the year, highlighting specific holidays, popular events, and fun national holidays (such as the International Day of Happiness). We also categorized them into industries, ranging from tourism, and retail, to healthcare.

This will be especially handy when planning marketing initiatives–not just advertising campaigns. You can plan for social media content (posts, stories etc.), blogs, online offers, and so much more.

You may already have a good sense of what campaigns you’ll run for your brand this year, but this calendar will still be helpful for you to discover something new and step out of your comfort zone!

Why You Need It

Seize the Day

Jot down the dates and events that jump out to you. Pop them into your content calendar. Whether you use Hootsuite or Later.com as an automated social scheduler, this will give you new ideas every month!  

Outside the Box

Brainstorm with your team what marketing content you can create around these dates. Also, note it doesn’t necessarily have to be for your product offering. You can use it to promote your company culture and celebrate your employees.

Covering All Bases

We break out the dates to remember for 11 different prominent industries. Some events might be industry-adjacent and worth partnering up with a local business to create a campaign.

No More Marketing Dry Spells. Be Inspired Every Day.