Top Video Ads of September 2014

by Mike Tyler | October 13, 2014

For a blog post that needs no introduction further than the thought that “learning from the best” is a good way to go, welcome to the three of what I deem to be the top video ads of September 2014. The criteria takes a little of the raw numbers, a little of what we find creative, and mixes it in to create a sort of Editor’s Pick.

IKEA Bookbook

There is an idea that great beauty comes from discovering someone’s truth is the same as yours. For us modern folks who see themselves as modern folks, it is nice to see something that pokes fun at our own behaviors.

This IKEA commercial is brilliant because it manages to mock us without being a jerk, it makes fun of our contemporary culture while admitting that they themselves are a part of it. Despite only 12 million views in a month, it is one of the best ads this year.

Gatorade, Made in New York ft. Derek Jeter

Even if you’re not a big baseball fan, the name Derek Jeter is one that has been connected tightly to this era of baseball. Dislike him or like him, fact is, he is a baller for being a professional athlete spending a 20+ year career playing short stop in great New York Yankee pinstripes. 9 million views for Mr. Jeter.

Pampers: Mom’s 1st Birthday

(If you cannot comprehend Japanese, click for English translation.)

This is one of those ads like Dove’s beauty sketches that are just kind and nice and sells a story over a product. I might not need to buy baby diapers but I’ll keep Pampers in mind (because of all their marketing-to-date) when I do. You could say that it’s because they are industry leaders and the easy choice but you can’t say you have a negative perception of Pampers either. 3 million views.


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