Top Video Ads 2014 (January-July)

by Mike Tyler | September 8, 2014

Once in a while, instead of talking about the theory and application behind video advertising, I’d like to acknowledge and commend pieces of advertising itself. That is, instead of the abstract of ‘spots’, let’s take a look at actual spots.

After all, it goes without saying that an effective advertisement is as important as how you’re advertising it. It works in tandem. Like Simon and Garfunkel.

So, here we go. TOP video ads 2014 (the first half of the year) that based on views, shares, and a personal liking.

I appreciate marketing campaigns that involve some sort of funny publicity stunt / reaction video. It’s a creative way to have the public involved and best of all, it’s an unique way to sell stuff. It doesn’t involve cheesy and sleezy salesman. By staying entertaining for the sake of entertaining people, there is no underlying message that runs the fun. In fact, it’s only at the very end we realize that this isn’t just a prank done by some masterminds. For this, this ad has gained 47 million views over 6 months and a top spot on this week’s blog.

Child of the 90’s

When you look back at your life, your childhood is a totally remarkable time. If you try hard enough, you can see yourself grow up and become the person you are now.

In any case, for us who grew up in the and 90’s, it’s hard to be upset at how that went.

In this video – which too has 48 million views since its January debut – plays off great nostalgia.

People can laugh all they want at how inferior Internet Explorer is nowadays. Nonetheless, this advertisement is excellent in itself because it plays to its strength. It understands how to invoke emotion in people and it reminds us about the connection we had with Internet Explorer. After all, we did grow up with it.

Click, Baby, Click

We like this ad for two simple reasons.

  1. It’s funny.
  2. It’s directed directly at people like us.

For reasons of target market, this video only have 3 million views but I’m sure it’s made an impression on marketers and especially, online advertisers. It addresses one of the great points of video advertising and that’s “who’s your demographic?” In creative writing class, the mantra was “Show, Don’t Tell”. This ad did a great job showing us the problems of not knowing your demographic and how to solve it (Adobe and assumingly, metrics).


Not technically a 2014 creation but it did win the Best Auto Commercial of 2014 so we’ll add it in.

This video advert is quirky and fun and in a matter of 2 minutes, takes us through the history of Honda and the magics of engineering. It’s done neatly and clean and is very engaging. They incorporated a great voice actor and great sound effects. It also promotes curiosity. A truly good advert all-round.


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