The Mobile Advertising Revolution Has Begun. You In?

by Mike Tyler | November 9, 2015

The (advertising) revolution will be televised MOBILE.

Will be? Honestly, the revolution has already begun. Did you know that in 2014, the number of global users (in millions) for desktop and mobile users was equal?

KPCB also estimates that as of 2015, mobile media time is now greater than that of desktop and other media. What’s even more telling of the mobile advertising revolution is that out of a 7.3 billion global population, there are 3.65 billion unique mobile users. 1.91 billion of those users have smartphones, and eMarketer predicts that by 2018, half of the world’s mobile users will have smartphones.

So between now and the next 5, 10, even 15 years — can you imagine the impact that smartphones are having on advertising and the way that we are marketed to?

The tipping point for mobile vs. desktop usage has been long-since surpassed!

Essentially, the mobile advertising revolution is well on it’s way, with major platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and more having Sponsored ads in the form of Native Advertisements (which you know ALL about) that are unobtrusive and well-integrated into the user experience.

With a single touch, popular media platforms like VICE and BuzzFeed allow you to glimpse into current events.

The numbers on the board aren’t lying; in today’s advertising world, if you’re not mobile – you’re not current. Accordingly, being current leads to currency, conversions, and ultimately building your brand!

Now, since we’d absolutely hate for you to get caught with your pants down in regards to mobile advertising, we’re here to give you 5 easy methods for optimizing your mobile advertising campaigns. If you haven’t joined the revolution — now’s the time.

Photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash

Headlines (Extended + Description Line One)

We’ve gone through the importance of headlines extensively, being equated to 80 cents out of your whole advertising dollar, but how do the importance of well-crafted headlines translate to mobile advertising?

First and foremost, we have to assume that from a usability standpoint, mobile-users have an even shorter attention span compared to desktop users; most mobile users coming across your ad will be on the train, working, or in transit to another place to kill time.

Accordingly, your headline should be concise, and equal to/under 6 words if possible. Moreover, the headline you choose should contain a strong call to action, and potentially product/service benefits to ensure that you hook the viewer. All that in about 6 words? That’s why it’s important to hire a copywriter (or be a killer wordsmith yourself).

Plot twist! Your second description line will disappear on a mobile platform, in favour of additional ad extensions.

Thus, it’s even more important to ensure that your description and headline is short, concise, and to the point with no flowery language and jargon. Be sure to enable all of your ad extensions, and put the most important ad info first!

However, we’ll let you in on a little secret; if you add punctuation to the end of Description Line One, did you know that Google will let you extend your ad headline? Which, could make all of the difference in your ad efforts if you just. Use. The. Right. Words.

Callout + Sitelink Extensions

See, you used to call me on my cellphone, late-night when you needed…my…

Expertise on Callout Extensions! We’ve touched on the importance of this newer feature in a previous article to help boost conversion rates for your campaign, but Callout/Sitelink Extensions are doubly importance for optimizing your brand’s mobile advertising efforts.

Essentially, Callout Extensions allow you to show additional text below your ad to provide information about your services; shipping, hours, features, etc. The result? More informed consumers, better browsing, and vital information that could lead viewers towards conversion.

The good news is that you can create mobile-specific callouts in your AdWords campaign manager! Just choose “Mobile” next to “Device Preference” within your callout extensions tab in order to enable the feature.

Sitelink extensions are along the same concept, showing additional information that links towards separate pages for your services and features.

With limited space for information and attention spans at their all-time quickest among mobile users, Callout + Sitelink extensions are essential for success with mobile advertisements and campaigns. For more information, the wise sages at Google themselves do a great breakdown of extension implementation and importance.

Mobile Ad Positioning

Let’s face it: being #1 rules.

In life, and in mobile advertising — having the #1 spot is of the utmost importance. Ad positioning refers to the order in which your ad appears relative to others within a search query; #1 resulting in viewers seeing your ad first.

Ad positioning can be a little complex, and is determined with a number of factors. Through Ad Ranking, Google determines your ad positioning through the quality of your advertisement, presence of extensions and ad formatting.

Ad position fluctuates depending on click-through rating and competition, but a takeaway point is that even if two ads have the same bid and quality, the ad with the better expected impact due to addition of extensions would win a higher position.

Long-story made short: add callout + sitelink extensions. And be sure to do whatever you can to improve the quality of your ad for mobile optimization and better ranking!


We’ve gone over the importance of having keywords within your headline, but consider the importance of keywords in your URL! IRL (In Real Life) when mobile users are on the train, at work or on the John when your ad link pops up.

Aside from the description line one and headline, the URL is the only piece of text that’s guaranteed to show when it comes to mobile advertising display. If you can integrate keywords that relate to your service/product or even related search terms, then there’s a possibility of it increasing the Click-Through Rate for your offering.

Snippet, Snippet Real Good.

Google is always releasing shiny new things (that are SEO optimized to the teeth and always catch our attention).

Take for example ad extensions, Google’s offering of a short, structured snippet that gives mobile users a better sense of the content offered on your website. Between ad extensions and callout/site extensions, the major difference is that ad extensions highlight specific aspects of the products or services your offer, while callouts highlight what makes your business unique.

What Have We Learned?

Overall, mobile advertising will be, and to an extent already is the future. Online Advertising can be tricky enough for businesses, but the new frontier is Mobile Advertising! Creating a Mobile Advertising Strategy that truly engages consumers and improves conversion ratings all comes down to a few simple tips.

For more advertising information be sure to follow our blog, and the Instagram page for our office cat, Bella (which doesn’t exist…yet. But it might. One day.).

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