The importance of Video SEO and Strategy behind doing it well

by Mike Tyler | October 6, 2014

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things that always seem to tread the “How Important Is This Line” to your business. One thing is for sure it isn’t something you should ignore.

Customers searching for products on search engines will go through a rigorous selection process.

That’s why video SEO is a complementary aspect to your business and you should treat it as such. As a metaphor I’ve heard once, your business is like a sandwich. You’re going to need the meat and the bread. Extra things like mayo (SEO) is great but it won’t save a bad sandwich.

That said, if you are ready to talk about the mayo to your sandwich, there are two things.

Firstly, there is optimization, rich snippets, keywords, etc that we won’t be talking about on this blog. There is already so much resource on that on the internet already that you’ll find the latest and best advice out there. Rather, we wish to talk about the meaning, the vision, the strategy behind SEO.

The proper way to approach SEO isn’t just to make it higher on the list after the fact. It’s about giving people what they want.

Over at Moz, this was said…

SEOs fail because most have no say in the creative process for video, and are typically invited to do “video optimization” after the video has been shot, cut, and edited. Such a process ends up looking a little like this:

1. Take a look at the existing content.

2. Work out what goal best suits that content.

3. Implement the appropriate technical optimization.

He goes on to argue how to do it properly (which is a great resource for Part I of what I was talking about).

Here though, we’d like to approach it from a different view. Rather than coming at this from an angle of “How can video SEO help my video”, we’d like to see this from the side of “How can my video help my video SEO?”

Photo by Shane Hauser on Unsplash

The Best Thing for Video SEO
is a Relevant Video

Coming with this approach, ask yourself this question: What’s the ‘user search’ that I want my video to come up #1 in?

Is it the ones who type “hairdressers in Vancouver”? Or is it “Hairdressing products in Vancouver”?

Then approach it from the customer’s perspective.
If it indeed is your sister searching for hairdressers in Vancouver, what would she want to see? What are the keywords, the rich snippets, the key points, that your sister wants to see?

Just off the top of my head, words like hair salon, quality, Vancouver would be very important.

I want a video that shows me what I want. In this case, I want to see professionalism and the physical store. I want to see styles. I want to see location. I want my questions answered.

For each business, your services should answer to a need. This need is the question or keyword typed in Google and Youtube. Answer it directly.

By doing so…

Your videos will be more relevant.
Your SEO strategy is much easier.


What Have We Learned?

Every video is different. You’ll find how to do video SEO online everywhere. The important part, the key, to remember though, is that the best way to have conversions is to have a setup where video, website, and SEO work together.

The way to do this is to think about all three before you do one.


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