Instantly Improve Conversion With These 3 Hacks

by Mike Tyler | February 29, 2016

Let’s face facts – we’re all trying to improve our conversion rates, all the time.

Why? Because better conversion rates mean a better everything for your business.

Better conversion rates obviously mean your services/products are bringing in $$$, sure. Which translates into $$$ you can re-invest into your ad campaigns, marketing and native ads.

Or money you can take and buy like, 1 piece from the Yeezy Season 3 collection.

Additionally, better conversion rates indicates that you’re doing something right, chief. Whether it’s your landing page UX/UI, catchy headlines, dynamic infographics, and amazing product, something’s getting your ratings up.

The biggest question you can ask yourself is:

What can I change, right now, to improve those rates even more?

We’ll do you better than that, and give you 3 hacks you can use for your business to improve your conversion rates overnight (if you’re a keener).

What’s Worked In The Past/Why Your Rates Are Stagnant

But before we get into all of that, let’s talk about what you’re doing right now, and why it’s not working.

You’re tweaking copy, adjusting the colour scheme and design of your page, you spend a lot of the day scouring Google’s search pages for 101 ways to boost your conversion rates, and you even put up a blog section to talk about what you found. All causes for celebration; yet, your conversion rates stay stagnant. WHY!?!

It happens to the best of us, but normally conversion rates are stagnant because you’re not playing around enough with variate copy, headline styles, fonts, UX/UI, etc. The best way to change conversion rates either way–up or down–is to always be tweaking small elements of your site.

The first major step can be creating a distinct value proposition, and asking yourself: Does any customer coming to my page immediately understand what our USP (Unique Sales Proposition) is as a company?

Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce, Eloqua, Mobify–these are examples of companies that DO in fact present a clear proposition on their services.

Most websites do fine when it comes to getting more traffic to their website; truthfully, every company can do better when it comes to conversion rates–check the stats below via AdPushup:

    • Conversion rates typically range from 1-3%
    • Approximately 61% of companies test less than 5 times per month
    • More than 20% of companies report that they do not have an effective strategy for landing page testing
    • Conversion rates increase when the goals of your company, but most importantly your user goals (which could be considered the same thing, in some cases) are met
    • Google ran more than 7’000 A/B tests in 2011 alone
    • President Obama raised an additional $60 million using A/B testing

    The numbers tell us a few things: you’re not the only one with stagnant conversion rates, most companies aren’t testing their site nearly enough, and that testing is a surefire way to boost your conversion rates.

    Conversion Hack #1: TESTTESTTEST

    Back to the numbers; Google tested their site more than 7’000 times in 2011. 7’000. We have 52 weeks in a year. DO THE MATH.

    The truth is that even the best of pages can tweak copy, design, and other elements in order to improve conversion rates–it’s a constant, uphill battle. From a results standpoint, A/B testing is the most important hack when it comes to boosting conversion for your page.

    With what used to be Google Website Optimizer, Analytics Content Experiments allow you to run tests on webpage elements through Google’s platform.

    Content experiments allow you to develop multiple versions of a page and show them to different sample users, to get some hard results of what works, and what doesn’t. Google Analytics measures the most effective version with it’s statistical engine, and gives you the best page for your purpose.

    Conversion Hack #2: SETUP A SALES FUNNEL

    Ah yes, the content marketing sales funnel. Typically, it’s been viewed as such:

    Here’s a little secret; an obscene number of companies are spewing out content to customers in an unplanned manner. From ebooks to white sheets to blog posts, people are getting information all the time in various forms.

    But this question then arises: are customers getting the RIGHT content, at the RIGHT stage of their buying cycle?

    Enter the modern day, content marketing sales funnel, which functions as such:

    Illustrated by the picture above, different parts of the funnel are meant for different stages of the buying journey. For example, say you run a business that sells electric razors to men from a demographic of men ages 25+; in the awareness stage, you could write a blog post that talks about the general advantage of electric razors over straight ones.

    Ie., not dying if someone with shaky hands decides to shave your neck.

    At the purchase section of the funnel, we’re in a sales territory; you could write a similar blog post that illustrates 5 ways your company’s electric razor is better than all of the rest, with a strong CTA at the bottom to peruse your Shop section for said product.

    So if you haven’t already, setup a funnel for your content to determine what fits best where, and at what time. By doing so, you’ll ensure maximum reach and impact for specific demographics, leading them fluidly to a purchase–instantly improving your conversion rates.

    Conversion Hack #3: FREE FREE FREE

    You get a white sheet! You get a white sheet! YOU get an eBook! EVERYONE GETS AN EBOOK!!!!!!!

    Sure, you can call yourself the Oprah of marketing if you’d like; the word free confers a world of advantages in regards to effective conversion copy.

    What makes first-time customers into returning, happy customers? Free stuff.

    What builds trust among first-time users for a service offered, particularly if they’re upgrading from a competitor? Free trials.

    What effectively closes a sale on your website, when the customer is a click away from buying your product? Free incentives for doing so.

    I think you can see where we’re headed with this. If you do offer free services, products, trials, eBooks or tutorials on anything, make that crystal clear to your customer at the right stage of your buying process.

    According to Copyblogger, placing the magic words “it’s free” next to a trial sign-up can increase conversion rates up to 28%. Just from two words.

    If you think that’s a huge difference, try injecting the word free (where applicable) into your landing page’s body copy–and headline if you’re feeling confident–and watch your conversion rates soar.


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