Free Conversions With Ad Extensions

by Mike Tyler | July 4, 2016

What’s at the top of your PPC Marketing cheat-sheet?

If you’re an internet savvy marketer…

If you know the ins and outs of PPC advertising…

And if you’re constantly thinking about the different, cost-effective ways to ramp up your conversion ratings:

Then ad extensions should be top of the list on your PPC Cheat Sheet.

As an advertiser or marketer of any kind, you’re always looking to give your customer-base an added reason to click on your ad; higher click-through ratings lead to higher conversions, better rankings on SERPs, and other benefits to your digital efforts!

Ad extensions do just that; add extra value, information, and customer incentive to click on your ad.

These extra bits of information attached to your PPC ads come in the form of phone numbers, location, sitelinks, and other click-able items that direct potential customers to various areas of your business.

They’ll improve your ad’s visibility, give your brand better awareness, and best of all?


That’s right – ad extensions are free to implement. They’ll dramatically increase your click-through rates and improve ad visibility; the only thing you’re charged for, as usual, is clicks on your actual ad itself.

As a reminder, the most money you will pay for clicks on your ad is the minimal CPC amount required to keep your ad extensions and position.

Now that you know how valuable ad extensions are, let’s look at a few examples of companies that kick-ass with them, and have gained serious results from implementing ad extensions!

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

Sitelink Extensions

Sitelinks are the most general of ad extension types, but the most effective! These act as extensions to direct pages in your website.

The unique advantage comes to brands and companies that have top-sellers, and go-to-products/services customers are buying; if there’s a single service or product that people are looking for, then sitelink extensions can help to direct them to that page for higher conversions.

Additionally, you can highlight specific pages or products that you’re looking to put in front of consumer eyes.

Callout Extensions

Need a little additional text on the bottom of your ad, to seal the deal?

Any seasoned copywriter knows that even as little as two words can completely influence someone’s decision to engage with your brand.

Callout extensions add little snippets of text that can give just the push your PPC ad needs to have potential customers click-through. Phrases like “No Booking Fees” and “Lowest Price Guaranteed” help reassure customers that they’re making the right decision with your product or service offered.

Location Extensions

Location extensions are a no-brainer for improving your ad’s click-through rate; by attaching the nearest location of a service to your ad, along with a phone numfaceber, helps drastically improve the likelihood of a consumer clicking through to your services.

App Extensions

These extensions directly link to mobile apps; considering 80% of emails are opened on phones, and that more millenials are browsing SERPs on mobile devices than ever – having this option certainly doesn’t hurt your conversion chances.

BONUS: Offer Extensions

Guess what? The newest innovation of ad extension allows you to put a direct offer directly below the text of your PPC ad.

If you have a limited time offer or special sale on any product or service, then Offer Extensions just became your best friend.

Second to us. Actually, scratch that – we’re your best friends. Offer Extensions are a close second, though.

(And obviously, your quality score is a solid third best).


What Have We Learned?

Although each extension is a little different to setup, the end result is the same: more visibility for your business, better click-through ratings + conversions, and no added cost.

What’s not to like?

Determine your business goals, set your extensions, and watch the numbers soar.

And definitely tell us about how they work out! What’s your favourite extension to use?


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