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Display Ads That Deliver Real Value, Return Real Profits

Consider this thoguht experiment:

Say that I run a company called “Mike’s T-shirts.”

We are having a sale today. I might create a banner advertisment that says, “Mike’s T-shirts is Having a Sale Today. 20% OFF EVERYTHING!”

What Can Native Show Display About “Real” Value?

Creating Display Ads with Real Value

1. Banners


Lightboxes are basically a polite popup. You have a lot more space than with banners, but only that space; lightboxes are their own context. Here are two things to consider:

  • Slideshows — A slideshow can work if paired with the right “value-added” content. Instagram’s new carousel ads, while not hoisted in a lightbox, are still a great example of this format where you lead with value elements, and then present a call-to-action to follow it up.
  • Games — Lightboxes make a good context for a game, people by-and-large like games because they are entertaining, and entertainment is near-universally a valued thing. Lead with the game, and follow up with the offer.

How to Keep it Real – Valuable

The objective and subjective valuation on knowledge or entertainment is not the easiest argument to follow. Let’s walk through what we have learned in this post in point form to wrap things up:

  • The customer value and the offer can be the same thing, or they can be different.
  • Native content is an example of the value and offer being different — and it works
  • When you deliver real value,  you give your brand authority, enabling greater returns.