Cashing In On Mother’s Day – Online Ads

by Mike Tyler | May 4, 2015

Psst! Do you have Sunday, May 10th marked down in your calendar?


Well, you should – because May 10th is Mother’s Day! Arguably one of the most important days of the year (apart from when the new season of Game of Thrones started)

Mother’s Day is actually the third largest retail holiday in America according to Bing Ads and the Yahoo Network, falling only behind the Christmas holidays and back-to-school. With $20 billion spent last year, the National Retail Federation estimates that 76% of consumers plan to spend the same amount or more on Mother’s Day.

Per consumer, the average amount spent on gifts for that day is $228.17.

Bing also estimates that 30% of shoppers this year will buy their Mother’s Day gifts online. That being said, May 10th creates a huge opportunity for companies to engage consumers through digital marketing.

Other than scoring major points in your mom’s books, Mother’s Day presents a massive opportunity for online advertising to do a few things:

  1. Drastically increase brand awareness.
  2. Maximize sales and encourage future consumer engagement with your company.
  3. Engage a demographic that makes up a significant part of society, but often gets neglected in the grand scheme of Generation Y and Z.

From card companies like Hallmark to your local florist, cake shops and even cell phone companies – it’s no big secret that May 10th is a huge deal in terms of marketing.

The biggest thing about Mother’s Day advertisements is engaging our deepest emotions and maternal connections as consumers. For example, Sport Chek absolutely nails this ad that perfectly describes many a mother-daughter relationship, and the support mother’s provide to kids who are athletes:


Wow, that’s some tear-jerking cinema. Love it!

Mother’s Day online advertisements should:

  • Emphasize the mother-son/daughter connection by playing on emotions, by telling a story.
  • Illustrate the impact mothers have on our lives, and how much we value them.
  • Engage not only mother’s but the sons, daughters, fathers, husbands and more that are actively buying from companies like Hallmark, Dove and many salons/spas.
  • Revolve around lighter colour schemes that include lavender, floral images and lighter colours that are synonymous with Mother’s Day and thus drive consumer engagement with ads.
  • Be clever, innovative and humorous to encourage higher click-through ratings on web ads, and lower bounce rates from retailer websites.

I mean, I highly doubt you’ve ever seen an ad like this:

Ridiculous? Yes. We’d expect nothing less from Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Susie Essman.

Highly effective in driving sales/engagement for Mother’s Day? You bet.

Virgin Mobile’s “Make Momma Proud” campaign for Mother’s Day drove consumers (including many, many daughters) to ditch their family plan, and sign new contracts for separate plans.

Aside from videos, traditional banner display ads are still quite effective among Mother’s Day consumers to tell a story and drive sales.

In comparison to native advertising and other online media, why are Mother’s Day advertisements so based on telling a story, and evoking emotion within the consumer?

Simple – an emotional consumer is less rational, less likely to plan beforehand, and less likely to be concerned with cost and practicality of a purchase.

Take Hallmark’s recent #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign for example—a series that truly strikes an emotional chord that many daughters and mothers possess.

You can’t really sell logic, but you can arouse emotion.

For advice on how to allocate keywords for better ranking on Google, peak times for certain products, how to generate high volume with low cost per click on an advertisement and other advertising initiatives, check out the Bing Ads blog on Mother’s Day shopping.

This Mother’s Day, be sure to think online for your advertising initiatives and content! And definitely, definitely don’t forget to celebrate all of the mom’s in your life.


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