7 Secrets For Success With Google’s NEW Expanded Text Ads

by Mike Tyler | September 5, 2016

The secret’s out: Google’s Expanded Text Ads are a certified game-changer when it comes to PPC campaign success.

Google recently made some impactful decisions this past year–cutting out the right-hand side of their ads, and rearranging the display of their SERP.

In fact, Google’s taken the liberty of adding a few features that enhance your PPC capabilities, better your chances for conversion on clicks, and most importantly – optimize PPC ads for mobile devices!

Expanded Text Ads (ETAs)
Device-Agnostic Bid Adjustments
Responsive Display Ads
Price Extensions

These changes are all intended to improve foot-traffic to physical stores, and put an emphasis on mobile display–a category growing 50% faster than other search types.

Why the sudden need to think mobile? KPCB estimates that as of 2015, mobile media time was greater than that of desktop and other media. What’s even more telling of the mobile advertising revolution is that out of a 7.3 billion global population, there are 3.65 billion unique mobile users. 1.91 billion of those users have smartphones, and eMarketer predicts that by 2018, half of the world’s mobile users will have smartphones.


Before any user clicks on a link, Expanded Text Ads are intended to bring more content and visibility to links. Previously, the headline was 25-characters long for a Google advertisement; now, it’s being expanded to 30 characters. Likewise, the 35-character description is being upgraded to 80 characters, meaning that you’ll be able to convey more messaging with added text!

Essentially, you now have more characters, more opportunity, and more copy available to sell your idea to consumers and make them convert.

Guess what?  We’re about to give you 7 of the major keys to optimizing your Expanded Text Ads for maximum conversion rates, click-through, and success. 


Your Best Headline HERE:

We’ve said it again and again–and so has David Ogilvy: Your headline is 80 cents out of your dollar.

Meaning: It’s the one thing that catches viewer attention, especially if it’s limited due to our mobile tendencies! Now that Expanded Text Ads have a higher character allotment, you have more of an opportunity to craft a longer headline that really hooks reader attention. A gripping headline is the difference between a PPC ad that converts like crazy, and one that doesn’t at all.

As a rule of thumb for general headline writing:

  1. Keep it concise, and 6-8 words if possible. Mobile devices have less room than desktop screens!
  2. Words like “free,” “yours,” “benefit,” and “good,” always confer positive connotations, and hook reader attention.
  3. Use present tense, second person as often as possible! (Ex. instead of “you will feel good with Nike’s sneaker,” write “you feel good with Nike’s sneaker.”
  4. Always think benefit, not feature based.
  5. Always answer the age-old copywriting question the consumer has: “What’s in it for me?”

There are many, many more guidelines to the ultimate headline, but for your purposes, make sure that each word of each headline, on each ad set counts! You now have the expanded room to get your point across.

Test, Test, TEST!

If you’re reading this and not A/B testing any of your ad copy…

Well, okay – it’s never too late. A/B testing on every headline and piece of copy on your PPC ad is a must for cranking up your click-through and conversion ratings! Considering that Expanded Text Ads have even more room for characters and words in the description + headlines, you now have an even bigger opportunity to test copy that wasn’t possible before.

Here are a few things you can test to improve the bottom line:

  • Headline
  • Call-To-Action
  • Descriptions (Lines 1 + 2)
  • Graphics 

If your campaigns are up and running, be sure to start running A/B experiments today and watch your conversion rates jump. Under Google Analytics, you can check the “Behaviour” section, and then “Experiments” to start running tests.












Mobile-Preferred? There’s An Option For That.

Considering the release of Enhanced Campaigns in AdWords, you can now bid by device! If you have a hunch that your users will opt for your service/product on mobile devices, you can bid by device – including tablets.

Don’t Immediately Pause Your Old Ads!

Sure, Expanded Text Ads have all the potential in the world to convert like crazy – but that doesn’t mean you should pause old ads that are still converting well!

Plus, there’s no telling if your new ads will out-perform your old ads right away – the conversions and click-throughs take time. Rolling out your Expanded Text Ads right away can negatively impact your Quality Score, which therefore increases your ad budget and lowers your CPC spend!

Which, quite frankly, is what we ALL want.

When you make the first batch of your Expanded Text Ads, stack them alongside your old ad sets to see where their performance lies. You can always A/B test and make the necessary changes to ensure that they’re up-to-par with your top converting ads!


BONUS: Your Golden Ticket For PPC Greatness: Ad Preview Feature

If you haven’t been using this for your old ads, let alone your Expanded Text Ads, you’ve got to be out of your mind.

The Ad Preview Feature allows you to examine how the copy, visuals, and CTA are displayed online before they are sent out. Why’s this important? For starters, the Ad Preview Tool allows you to determine whether or not your headlines are truncated, your copy isn’t displaying effectively, etc.


More tips from Google: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/6167122

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