5 Reasons To Invest In Facebook Advertising

by Mike Tyler | December 7, 2015

If adverts were condiments then Facebook advertising would be that delicious “Secret Sauce” that just works.

Speaking of secrets, how on Earth is Facebook still killing the advertising game after all this time?

The numbers don’t lie: with 1.28 billion global Facebook users each month, it is the second most visited website on the planet, falling shortly behind Google. Exposure dollars? Absolutely.

Speaking of mobile advertising (aren’t we always?), 1.18 billion of those Facebook users are accessing it on their smartphones–again, stressing the importance of mobile ad optimization!

And according to HubSpot, businesses are paying 122% more this year than 2014 per ad unit on Facebook.

With the ability to target users based on level of education, household size, income, “life events” like getting married or the birth of your first child, it’s safe to say that Facebook advertising is, and always will be an amazing way to push quality advertisements to a huge audience, and maximize your advertising ROI.

Since it’s the holidays and we’re all busy getting our businesses ready for the coming storm (or just shamelessly drinking egg nog), here are 5 more reasons to invest in Facebook Advertising for the holidays and beyond!

Varied Demographic Targeting

In the face of a massive, billion+ audience–where do we start with Facebook advertising?

Facebook allows ad targeting like you’ve never seen; Facebook ads are targeted towards users interests and preferences versus AdWords specific keywords and search terms.

As a result, Facebook allows ad managers to target their users based on a number of factors, including:

  • Geographical location
  • Interests — “fashion, marketing, smoothies”
  • Gender
  • Age

Accordingly, Facebook ads can be adjusted in terms of PPC copy and visual appeal for a younger, male demographic vs. an older, female demographic; in terms of headlines, descriptions and visuals, this can make all the difference for ad ROI! Heck, you can even target your ad towards what people are doing off Facebook based on their history.

To learn more about Facebook ad targeting, refer to the Power Editor and select the ad targeting tab to determine user interests, groups and more for your set ad level.

Photo by Cory Schadt on Unsplash

Easily Track Analytics – Performance, Spending.

With any form of advertising, the most important thing to know is how much you’re getting out of the dollar you spent–which is why we’re always talking about ad budgeting vs. quality scores for landing pages. Accordingly, Facebook Adverts Manager + Insights does just that; gives you insight on how well your ads are performing.

This includes tracking:

  • Likes, Comments, Shares
  • Impressions and Engagement
  • Geographical Reach*
  • Cost Per Like/Cost Per Conversion
  • And more!

*Facebook advertising even allows you to segment the data by city and geographical location to determine your ad metrics. By gauging ad performance and ROI on PPC and Native Ads, Facebook is a great platform for mining your analytics to determine which ads are performing at their best, and where!

A/B Testing – Power Editor

You got da power.

Seriously though–normally most advertisers think of A/B testing solely for Emails with services like Mailchimp, but the truth is that testing is everything when it comes to ad success.

The Power Editor offers a relatively new feature to split test audiences based on ad set’s gender, age ranges and more.

By duplicating your ad set, you’ll create a new budget for the new ad set, but simultaneously be able to determine what demographic your ads work best on, and where they don’t. Accordingly, you can adjust your ad copy, description, headlines, visuals and more to adjust and make sure you’re winning on all ends.

The Power Of Facebook Video

Here’s a question we’ve all been asking in the marketing world:

Can Facebook video do what TV cannot for ads?

The answer? You bet. TV ads unfortunately can’t show what features users like–they’re just displayed, with hopes for the best in terms of brand awareness, conversions, etc. With Facebook advertising, however, you can see exactly what features were engaging with viewers.

Moreover, statistics have shown that users are much more likely to click on a Facebook video as opposed to a YouTube video. Why? Same reasoning behind why native advertising is so successful; users don’t like to feel like they’re being advertised to, or bombarded in any way, shape or form. Moreover, you an include a strict call to action button that tells users to buy, shop, share, and more to increase engagement!

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Minimal $$$, Maximum Views

Video and mobile advertising included, think about having 1.28 billion Facebook users at your fingertips (literally, in the case of smartphones).

The minimum spend on Facebook advertising is only $1.00 a day. $1.00 a day! Obviously there are advantages to spending more on ads in terms of reach, quality and more, but at $1.00 a day for hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of views? No complaints.

Mentioned before, there are multiple bid types for your purposes, including:

  • Cost Per Mille (per thousand viewers)
  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Action

Depending on your outlined goals for your Facebook advertising campaign, adjusting your bidding and budgeting structure can have massive ramifications on your overall performance and ad ROI.

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