Restore Your Faith in Ad Agencies

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So, you're looking for effective digital campaigns?

We're so glad you're here.

It takes research, tools, and key partnerships.

Our team has the expertise to get your message in front of the right people at the right time to get you a better ROAS than ever before.

We’re an extension of your marketing team. You’re busy, and we get it. We take care of all things paid media. With premium inventory, hyper-targeting capabilities, and paid media experts, you’ll get total peace of mind with us managing your ads.

We’re 100% focused on digital advertising. (Sorry, we don’t do SEO or Social Media Management, but that means we are the best at what we do.)

Our Core Offerings include the following:

  • In-Depth Audit of All Ad Accounts
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Campaign Execution
  • Proactive Optimizations
  • Real-Time Reporting Dashboards
  • Full Transparency of Ad Performance
  • Performance Creative
  • Creative Audits and more

Reasons why we're the best:

High-Touch Service

You deserve to be treated like a VIP. Our clients enjoy a dedicated team consisting of an Account Manager, Project Manager, Digital Analyst, and Campaign Manager.

Our white-glove service redefines agencies as you know them. It’s not just business. It’s personal.

Cross-Channel Attribution

You don’t have to play the guessing game when it comes to deciphering your customer journey anymore.

With War Room, you receive accurate, omnichannel data tracking across all your ads plus a centralized, robust dashboard to check on your campaign’s performance with our team’s expert insights.

Customized Strategies

You want to reach your target audience with the right messaging, at the right channels, and at the right time. We’re here to make that happen.

We’ll customize campaign strategies based on your offering, industry, budget, and audience to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck!

Rock Your 2023 Ad Campaigns with Programmatic.

Our not-so-secret weapon: Kedet

Neil Patel and AdExchanger named us as the best programmatic agency in the world, all thanks to our proprietary programmatic ad tech: Kedet.

Kedet connects your customers across all devices by joining multiple Demand Side Platforms, measurement tools, verification technologies, and first and third-party data into one unified platform.

Pair this cutting-edge technology with our paid ad experts, and you get best-in-class campaigns with results that make you go, “Holy $#@!” (in a good way).

Don't just take our word for it:

Some of the (many) channels we offer:

Here are some other client reviews:

Vancouver Canucks

James Lu, Digital Analyst, Canucks Sports & Entertainment

"War Room was able to provide and exceed the amount of impressions and clicks they had projected and budgeted for. Even I myself just browsing the internet could find ads in ESPN, Kijiji, and that’s when we realized wow…the reach of their display ad platform is impressive, and hit users we could never hit before. It was a big win for us."

Accord Financial

Darcy Kindred, VP of Operations, Canada Small Business Finance

"I highly recommended War Room. The campaign we conducted with War Room ended up getting our name in front of 3 million people who had some sort of connection with small business – in a country of 38 million people. Without question it was the largest and most successful brand development exercise we’ve ever done."


Sarah Pearson, Director of Marketing

"Working with War Room, we’ve been able to be incredibly connected with our team and they’re very responsive to our requests. We had a very tough year with a lot of things moving at a very rapid pace. Our team at War Room was able to be incredibly nimble and get back to us as quickly as possible. They changed things on a dime and it actually benefited us keeping us in the market during a challenging time."

Whistler Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Sarah Kennea, Founder & Medical Director

"I initially spoke to Mike, the CEO of War Room, and he alleviated all of my concerns about working with a professional agency. The briefings were positive and realistic, this was a long-term project, that needed commitment from us and I was happy to work with them. The Account Managers are amazing. Above all else, they listen. I highly recommend War Room."

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Are you obsessed with ROI?

Good, because so are we.