Here at War Room Inc, our philosophy goes something like this…

“Around here, we internalize two ideas. Firstly, we always look to improve. Whether that’s learning from mistakes, trying new things, or innovating, we don’t like to plateau. We find that people who only stick to one method are farces. Time will catch up to them. Secondly, we encourage self-exploration. A full pallet of experiences — of all the bitterness, all the sweetness, all the sourness, all the saltiness, and all the spiciness — generates identity and meaning. Once meaning is found, we find that success is only a series of improvements away.”


war room boots

So, in tune with idea #1, we are always on the prowl to learn. The idea of learning has some connotations. For example, it might sound like that those who have to learn are not the best. We don’t believe this to be true. In every area of expertise, there are different styles and methods used. None better than each other but every special in their own way.

marketingHere in Vancouver, there are many companies that have marketing strategies that are special in their own way. We caught up with many of them to discuss their companies and what they see ‘marketing’ to be all about. From BC Hydro to Science World to Steamworks Brewery to the Great Little Box Company, each and every have a different demographic and have reached them in unique ways.

GLBCsteamworksscience worldbc hydro


Over the course of the next few months, we will be releasing these videos one by one. They contain wise-words of experience and the idea that explain how modern marketing has come long ways since the long print-ad days of Ogilvy & Hopkins.

Below a trailer of what you will see to come!

Web Series Trailer